If you really want to drive him crazy, it is crucial that you are careful about the text messages you send. There are certain flirty text messages that can help you win over any guy that you are interested in. These flirty text messages can even be useful if you are already in a relationship with a great guy. They will help you to improve your flirting game, which is never a bad thing. Guys like getting flirty texts as much as girls, and this article will help you pull it off properly.

The Best Flirty Text Messages:

  1. I loved the cologne you wore today. It always makes me want to rub up against you.
  2. I have been daydreaming about you all day, looking forward to getting my hands on you again.
  3. Everything about you turns me on. You are all I can think about!
  4. I wish I could get you out of my head and into my bed.
  5. All I can think about is how good we look together as a couple.
  6. If you kiss my neck, I think you could make me do anything.
  7. I can’t wait to be with you again so I can press my lips against yours.
  8. I loved the shirt you wore today, but it would look even better off you.
  9. All I want is for you to be happy. And naked.
  10. I am wearing those heels you like right now. That’s all I’m wearing.
  11. Next time I see you I am going to rip your clothes off and toss you on the bed.
  12. I’m looking forward to feeling your hot sexy body again, handsome.
  13. I just keep lying in bed wondering what your sexy body looks like under those clothes.
  14. I know you’ve seen how I look at you. What are you going to do about it?
  15. I’ll give you three guesses who I’m thinking about right now.
  16. I am dying to find out if you are as good as my fantasies.
  17. I love feeling your soft lips against mine.
  18. I need a cute sexy guy to cuddle. I wish you were here.
  19. There are lots of hot guys but just one of you.
  20. I can’t wait to feel your lips all over my body, making me tingle.
  21. I just had the dirtiest thought about you. Care to guess what it was?
  22. Today was so stressful. Wanna help me relax, handsome?
  23. Have I ever told you that I have the hottest fantasies about you?
  24. I was looking at sex toys today and it got me so hot.
  25. Who gave you the right to be so damn sexy?
  26. I wish I was in your bed right now.
  27. The second I see you next time, your clothes are all coming off.
  28. I’m so cozy in my bed right now in just my underwear.
  29. I read that caffeine can boost a woman’s libido. Wanna take me out for coffee?
  30. What do you think I am wearing right now?
  31. I can’t wait to see what your clothes look like on your bedroom floor.
  32. I had the hottest dream about you the other night.
  33. I heard that kiss burns calories. Wanna work out together?
  34. I’ve always wanted a guy to lick whipped cream off my body. Wanna help?
  35. I’m just lying in bed thinking about everything I want you to do to me.
  36. I have a surprise for you, but you’ll have to undress me to find out what it is.
  37. Would it make you mad if I made out with another girl in front of you?
  38. You and I sweaty and moaning. Have anything to add to that?
  39. I just got out of the shower. Getting hot and wet made me think about you.
  40. I love it when you run your hand through my hair.
  41. I can’t stop thinking about the last time we kissed. I got so turned on.
  42. I’m feeling so restless right now. I can’t seem to get you off my mind.
  43. What is your favorite thing about my body?
  44. My body tingles all over with even the slightest touch from you.
  45. Do you have any fantasies about me? Because I sure have some about you.
  46. You’ve been running through my mind all day. All I want to do is pin you down on my bed.
  47. You are making me blush and you aren’t even here!
  48. I’m feeling pretty dirty. Wish you could join for me a shower.
  49. Have you ever thought about having sex in public before?
  50. Right now I’m just imagining your lips all over me, starting on my neck working your way down.
  51. I’m not usually a screamer, but I think maybe you can change that.
  52. I’m starving right now, but it’s not food I want.
  53. You looked so cute today, it took all my energy not to rip your clothes off.
  54. Every time you touch me I get so wet, I just can’t help it.
  55. I want to put my mouth all over your body. How about I start on your lips and work my way down?
  56. I had the dirtiest dream about you last night. Wanna act it out with me?

Flirty Texts: Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Flirty Texts Still Work?

A simple flirty text message can go a long way towards winning over a guy you like. While a lot of it is about timing, the words you choose are very important. This list should help you drive your guy crazy so he’ll never even think about leaving you. These texts can also be very effective if you have a crush on a guy and want to make him yours. Try out some of these flirty text messages and just see how well they work. He will be melting in the palm of your hand before you know it.


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