The game “Never Have I Ever” can help you learn quite a bit about others because of the nature of the questions that are asked. If you want to get to know your significant other or friends even better, these questions will definitely be of great help. This game can be a lot of fun and brings people closer together. There are lots of different types of questions that you can ask, so the sky is the limit. In this article, you will see some of the better questions that you can ask when playing this game.

You will find that playing the ‘Never Have I Ever’ Dirty Questions game can open a lot of doors when it comes to bonding with people on a whole other level. You might just find that you have more in common with people in your life than you thought after playing Never Have I Ever Dirty Questions. While this game can be a little bit embarrassing, it can still be quite a bit of fun. Feel free to come up with your questions and use your imagination to embarrass your friends, family members, and significant other!

Our 50 Best ‘Never Have I Ever’ Dirty Questions

  1. Never have I ever had sex in an elevator.
  2. Never have I ever bragged about something I never really did.
  3. Never have I ever driven drunk or high on drugs.
  4. Never have I ever experimented with someone of the same sex because I was curious.
  5. Never have I ever made fun of someone right in front of them.
  6. Never have I ever stolen something that was worth more than $20.
  7. Never have I ever listened to a Justin Bieber song and actually liked it.
  8. Never have I ever given or received a lap dance.
  9. Never have I ever sent a dirty text or naughty picture to the wrong person by accident.
  10. Never have I ever been in handcuffs for any reason at all.
  11. Never have I ever went to church drunk or high.
  12. Never have I ever went into a sex shop and purchased something.
  13. Never have I ever went skinny dipping with someone in a hotel pool.
  14. Never have I ever snuck into a party that I wasn’t invited to.
  15. Never have I ever told someone “I love you” without actually feeling it.
  16. Never have I ever cheated on someone that I was with romantically.
  17. Never have I ever had an STD or thought I might have one.
  18. Never have I ever told someone I loved them just so I could get laid.
  19. Never have I ever went out to dinner somewhere and skipped out on the bill.
  20. Never have I ever soiled my pants in public because I couldn’t find a bathroom in time.
  21. Never have I ever been to a swingers party with my significant other.
  22. Never have I ever eaten food that I found in a trashcan.
  23. Never have I ever thrown up in a public place from drinking too much.
  24. Never have I ever had sex with someone twice my age.
  25. Never have I ever been slapped across the face.
  26. Never have I ever made out with someone I didn’t know at all.
  27. Never have I ever called out the wrong name while having sex with someone.
  28. Never have I ever gotten pregnant without meaning to.
  29. Never have I ever gotten into a physical fight with a family member.
  30. Never have I ever made an embarrassing video that I now regret.
  31. Never have I ever locked someone in a room.
  32. Never have I ever gone through and read someone’s private journal or diary.
  33. Never have I ever stole something from my place of employment.
  34. Never have I ever made a scene in a public place because I was angry.
  35. Never have I ever eaten moldy bread or some other type of food.
  36. Never have I ever purposely tripped someone.
  37. Never have I ever pranked a police officer.
  38. Never have I ever farted in a public place and accused someone else of doing it.
  39. Never have I ever watched porn with someone else.
  40. Never have I ever flashed someone in public.
  41. Never have I ever masturbated at someone else’s house.
  42. Never have I ever shoplifted even though I had money to pay for what I stole.
  43. Never have I ever had sex with two or more people within a period of 24 hours.
  44. Never have I ever walked in on my parents having sex.
  45. Never have I ever tried using ice cubes when fooling around with someone.
  46. Never have I ever had sex in my parents’ bed.
  47. Never have I ever eaten food off someone’s naked body.
  48. Never have I ever had a sex dream about a family member.
  49. Never have I ever fallen asleep while driving.
  50. Never have I ever woken up naked without remembering anything from the night before.

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Never Have I Ever Dirty Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s So Funny in Never Have I Ever Game?

‘Never Have I Ever’ Dirty Questions is a very fun and popular party game that you will definitely want to try out with a group of friends, and it’s an excellent way to get to know everyone better. You might just be surprised when it comes to the answers of the people you are asking. If you want to learn more about someone you have just met or even your significant other, these questions can go a long way towards doing just that. A lot of people who play this game find that it is both fun and informational.

The nature of these dirty questions forces people to be open and honest with each other, which is something that rarely happens in everyday life. If you want to find out some fun, sexy and embarrassing things about the people you are friends with or even family members, playing this game is a great way to do that.


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