If you want to make the person you are in a relationship with feel special, there are lots of cute good morning texts you can send.

This is a great way to let the other person know that you care about them. When you want the first message they see in the morning to be something special, there are lots of options to choose from. The following list will provide you with some of the best good morning texts ideas.

  • I can’t wait to see you today. I am counting down the minutes until you are in my arms.
  • Every moment I spend with you is the sweetest one I have ever experienced in my life.
  • Can I have you for breakfast in bed? Because you are the most delicious meal there is.
  • You are the reason I get out of bed every morning.
  • I am going to be daydreaming about you all day. I can’t get you out of my head.
  • My pillow still smells like you, but it’s nothing compared to actually having you here with me.
  • Your smile is the sunlight that illuminates my life. I can’t wait to see it again.
  • I hope you had as sweet of dreams as I did. I was dreaming about you all night long.
  • You are so incredibly beautiful. All I can do is keep picturing your gorgeous face.
  • You are the sweetest dream I have ever had that has come true, and I hope I never wake up.
  • A single kiss from you can make me smile the whole day. I’m looking forward to feeling your lips against mine.
  • Thinking about you in the morning is the best part of my day, until I actually get to see you.
  • The beautiful song of the birds singing outside my window is nothing compared to your beautiful voice.
  • I would rather spend one lifetime with you than live forever with anyone else.
  • All I want to do right now is to hold you in my arms and I tell you how much I love you.
  • You are the most beautiful thought that has ever entered my mind.
  • The only thing I want to do right now is to look into your eyes and appreciate everything I have.
  • I need you just as much as water or sleep. You are my everything.
  • I hope your morning is just as bright and wonderful as your smile.
  • I can’t wait to hear from you again. I hang on your every word.
  • You are the sweetest person in the world, and I am the luckiest.
  • Tell me how your day goes, because I cannot wait to hear all about it.
  • I know I already say it a lot, but I love you so much.
  • I love waking up and remembering that you are all mine and will be forever.
  • There is nothing more beautiful to me than the simple thought of just you.
  • If you were a poem I would read you over and over every single day.
  • I hope you smile when you read this text, because I am smiling so much while writing it.
  • I always feel so comfortable and at ease when I am around you.
  • Good morning beautiful. I hope you slept well!
  • It is a fantastic morning to be in love, and I should know.
  • It’s such a beautiful day outside, but all I want to do is lie around and think about you.
  • I love watching you sleep, you look so beautiful and peaceful.
  • All I could think about last night is seeing you again, even in my dreams.
  • I could get so lost in your eyes. They are the most beautiful two things I have ever seen.
  • Good luck with your day, I know you are going to be successful with whatever you need to do.
  • I am most at peace when I am around you.
  • There is nothing in this world that I care about more than you and your happiness.
  • I may be laying down on my bed right now, but you are still running through my mind.
  • I keep thinking about the last time I saw you and how I cannot wait to give you a big hug again.
  • I can’t stand being apart from you, but I just want to let you know I love you.
  • My life is so much better with you in it. There is nothing that can get me down when I have you to think about.
  • I wish I was cuddling with you right now so I could make you feel safe and warm.
  • Good morning, my love. I am just getting my day started but I will be thinking about you every second.
  • The thing I hate most is having to leave you, but I look forward to seeing your beautiful face again soon.
  • Even the sweetest dreams could never compare to the time I get to spend with you. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
  • There is nothing more stunning than your smile. It can easily turn the worst day of my life into the best.
  • You are my inspiration and motivation for everything I do. I am so grateful to have you in my life.
  • I love you more than I thought I could love anyone. Sometimes it hurts so much being apart, but it just makes being together so much sweeter.
  • As the sun creeps through my window, the only thing I can think is that your smile is so much brighter and more beautiful.
  • It may be running outside, but all I can see if sunny skies because I have you in my life.

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