Some things in life are unavoidable. Then there are things such as first dates that make us nervous to the core. Selecting the perfect outfit, texting your best friend, are all the steps one experiences in the process of getting to know someone.

We all are familiar with the awkward stomach feeling we get before going on a date.

With the enormous pressure of staying calm, acting natural, hoping the other person laughs at your jokes, looks into your eyes, first dates can be pretty nerve-racking and scary. But there is also a great chance that you might come across the love of your life on one of these first dates.

An important thing to remember is that you must not let your emotions and nerves get the better of you. If you feel that you must relax, drink some chamomile tea or meditate or try some breathing exercises. Remember, you can even book a spa appointment right before your date to relax your nerves. It’s important that you get your good endorphins going. And there’s no better way to get this done than doing things you love. It goes without saying that if you look and feel good before your date, you will be more confident.

To leave a good first impression and show off your best side, here are 5 easy ways you can appear confident on your first date.

1. Remain Open Minded

We all know the ideal person we want to date. From someone who likes to spend their weekend reading a book, watching Netflix and cuddling to someone who is always hustling, working out and want to go on every adventure they can think of, we are already aware of the qualities we are looking in our significant other.

Although this is an important factor to recognize your desires, this should not be the final answer to whether the relationship will work or not.

Regardless of how sure you are of who is your perfect match, there is no assurance that someone who steps down to your lifestyle choice is the right person for you.

By going on a date with someone who holds a different perspective as compared to you, you might discover the qualities you never knew existed. This could also help you know the other person a little more.

2. Prepare yourself for a conversation.

The weight of carrying out a good conversation makes up 98 percent of the reason people get nervous on their first dates. But why shouldn’t it be? A successful date contains a large portion filled with a conversation.

This is the part where you find out about your date’s favorite color, their favorite series to binge watch, their hobbies and if they possess the same interest in board games as you do.

Regardless of how well the date is going, it’s encouraging having some unanswered questions in the back of your brain. A few short questions or statements will keep your date interested. The mood will be light, and your confidence will boost for a more healthy conversation.

3. Act natural- Don’t over-think

If you’re confused about what to do with your hands, what to order from the menu, you would easily find yourself over-thinking. Before you dive into the sea of your own thoughts. Stop and take a deep breath.

Your date agreed to go out with you for a reason. They are interested in getting to know you as a person and not how you got the spinach stuck in your teeth.

Be your charismatic self, be sarcastic and openly talk about things that matter to you. The right person will not judge you, but accept you for you are and appreciate the honesty as well. Do not make the mistake of lying to your date for the sake of making a good impression. Just like you cannot lie on your resume, you cannot lie on your first date either.

4. Don’t control your moves. Just go with the flow.

You are most vulnerable on your first dates and simply cannot stop second-guessing every move you make and every word you say. The thoughts in your mind may vary from will you see each other again to why did I even agree to this date in the first place.

The easiest way to let go of these toxic thoughts is to accept the fact you are enough, and you need not change yourself to impress anyone. If someone is interested in knowing you, they will try and if they are not, they wouldn’t even try.

Instead of trying to control your every move, ask your date questions about them, their work and their pet. This will put both of you at ease and help in releasing the stress.

5. Keep in mind your date is also human and makes mistakes

While you wonder if your date is noticing how you chew your food, your date is also thinking if you noticed the way they laugh. Truth be told you both are nervous and acting like you’re not.

It’s completely okay to be nervous about your date when you meet them for the very first time. But cut them some slack and realize that they are equally nervous to meet you.

We are so occupied by our own feelings and thought that we usually forget that people have similar thoughts and experiences. When you get past the nervousness, you’ll realize that there is a lot more you and your partner need to explore together in this journey.

To break the ice initially, you can compliment your date’s hair, their outfit or even their shoes. This will put the other person at ease, and it will be the beginning of a smooth conversation. Try to ignore subtle mistakes that your date might make over dinner since it’s their first date too. We’re pretty sure they are on the same level of nervousness.


Just stay on top of your fashion game – you can use shapewear to appear more confident. Remember, the secret to a successful first date is staying relaxed and enjoy the whole process of getting to know another human being. If things don’t go the way you expected them to, at least you’ll have an interesting story to tell. And luckily if things work out, then you’ll meet them again and be more confident and reassured.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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