As you know the first impression is most influential and it leaves most durable impressions about the nature of a person. This is the fact why it is very important what a behavior you should demonstrate at your first dating with some beautiful and charming man. Subsequently his level of interest towards you is depending on it. And hence your further relations.

Regardless whether the man you are attracted by is ready to become a close friend of you or an obedient love slave. You should have in mind some general rules of behavior, if you want to present yourself in your best light in front of him.

What You Should Keep In Mind On A First Date

Always express your own opinion. Always express your opinion on the discussed topic or when planning your time together. Don’t let him take decisions on everything instead of you and to force his opinion. Don’t say: “As you say…”, “As it is more convenient to you…” or “You consider…”. If you always agree with what he likes and you never express your opinion freely, you risk that he should become used to not considering with your wishes. Besides in case of a continuous humble behavior from your part, you could reach a situation where he should become totally bored of you and he could lose interest in you. And this should be a very common reaction from his part.

Let’s not forget that every man wants to caress and spoil his woman on grounds of the small caprices she has. He desires to make her feel special and unique as he satisfies her strange and spontaneous wishes And if you always agree with everything he brings to you, you could deprive him of one of the basic challenges. And namely the challenge to conquer you, to answer to all of your expectations and caprices.

Try being self confident. The conquerors and the victors are always showing up among the others, since they are self-confident, they know what they want and how to achieve it (in most cases). Behave yourself in a way as if there is no way that they should not assess you and like you. Always demonstrate self confidence and assurance. Never let the others being rude to you and insult you with anything.

Even with the slightest allusion about this you should react immediately and you should not let the others thread on your authority. Be aware of your price! When you believe in your abilities and in what you are doing, the success shall come without any doubt. Real men like the women who are able to fight and who respect themselves. Who should represent them at the necessary level and who should fight for their image and interests. With such a behavior you should be able to get rid of most of the losers, who are looking for a quick dating just for the evening. And this additionally shall increase your requirements towards the men, who want to attract you and to conquer you.

Say NO to all myths and legends. Don’t try calculating and planning every dating and what should you do and how should you react if he does anything in particular. Don’t wait exactly for three days before calling him on the phone. Don’t avoid the topics about love and sex at your first dating. Don’t be shy and don’t avoid a kiss at your first date only because it should not be according to the rules.

Try leaving behind your back all common rules and myths. Relax and let your heart lead you. The purest and unforced love is the spontaneous one. Do what you like and enjoy the moment. Don’t listen to the complaints and continuous advises of your best girlfriends and care taking relatives.

Try always to smile. Don’t forget that the smile is able to melt down even the most stoned heart. There is no man, who doesn’t like smiling and sunny girls. They charge men with mood and enthusiasm. The smile gives also an additional charm, which in combination with your personal qualities and intellect shall create in the man an image of a funny, clever and interesting woman, who must be known closer. The joyful people always attract the other around themselves and stimulate the others to have fun. And remember! There is no man, who doesn’t want to be in the company of beautiful and smiling women Especially if they are clever and funny.

Be what you are. Just be yourself! There is no sense trying to be someone you are not. Don’t pretend to have excessive importance and styles in front of the boy. Don’t play roles of super exacting and spoiled princess who waits for her handsome and flawless prince. Since this needs many strengths and sooner or later you will get rid of this and you will be unmasked.

You must know that men have a faultless radar, with which they get to know when a women plays theater and mocks over their personality. This shall cripple their self-confidence and they shall be insulted and shall retrain. Besides men like clear and pure relations. And if you pretend to be someone you are not, at the end they shall get to know the farce and this shall bring no good for you.

Having in mind this couple of advises shall help you having more charm and positive energy, which shall make your presentation during the first dating much better. And hence your chances to achieve the desired goal should become even bigger.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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