Did you know that sleep deprivation can have a staggeringly bad effect on your relationship? When you don’t get enough sleep, you are always a bundle of nerves, struggling to remember what your daily obligations are, or you’re just too tired to complete your daily tasks. Once your partner notices a change in your behaviour, he or she makes a comment on it, and the next thing you know, you’re in the middle of a heated argument. Maintaining a relationship is difficult, let alone when a partner is easily triggered due to sleepless nights, constant tiredness and anxiety. This is a life period when you become an energy vampire, and your relationship can suffer because of this problem. Find out what are the 5 ways sleeplessness can take a toll on your relationship.

Emotions All Over the Place

It is scientifically proven that people who don’t sleep well, react in a more aggressive way during an argument with their partner. On the contrary, well rested people lead more constructive discussions which are even intertwined with humour, and their main goal is to achieve a positive result. When you are tired, your perceptions and views of the situations are distorted most of the time, since in these situations you can’t be objective. Sleep deprivation can definitely cloud your judgement and make you chronically irritated. Instead of lashing out on your partner, try writing down the negative thoughts on a piece of paper, or find songs that you can listen to that describe how you’re feeling. Sometimes, this relaxing music can help you doze off easier. The bottom line is, your partner isn’t the one to blame for your sleeping issues.

Not Good at Communication

If you two have been fighting like cats and dogs, it is possible that lack of sleep added fuel to the fire. Over time, your significant other might get just as annoyed as you are. Since you can’t help yourself, it becomes frustrating that your partner doesn’t seem to understand you. Even basic things like going to the market or meeting up with your friends, can become too tiring, which is why your partner starts becoming more passive-aggressive and annoyed with your negative attitude towards life. If you notice that you’ve been mistreating your partner, sit him or her down and say you’re sorry. Even though an apology won’t fix your issue, it will be easier for your partner to know that you took an effort to address your feelings and that you actually acknowledge that they still care enough to put up with your irrational behaviour and mood swings.

Ignoring Your Partner

Not communicating with someone is one thing (because you at least fight and try to figure it out) but ignoring him or her is annoying on a whole other level. The negative emotions just keep building up, you are frustrated that you can’t solve the problem and your partner is mad because he or she is helpless.The solutions lie in changing your sleep environment. Ask your partner to help you declutter, wash the sheets, pick a new pillowcase together and vacuum the room. You can also help yourself by getting a new bed frame, replacing your old mattress with a high-quality one and finding a perfect mattress topper for high-quality sleep. Strengthen your bond by including him or her in the process of picking out new furniture and switching up your bedroom design. This way, you can talk about your problem in a more relaxed way, as a part of a fun, redecorating activity.

Grateful No More

Appreciation for your partner and what he or she does for you, usually goes out the window when you’re struggling with sleeping issues. Lack of mutual respect is what tears even the most stable relationships apart. If you’re aware that you are going through a tough time, don’t leave your partner out of it. Once we’re too stressed to think properly, it’s easy to forget the good things and focus only on the bad ones. How can your partner feel if you don’t pay attention to him or her no more? Appreciate what you have, rather than alienating the person who is beside you during these trying times. If you can’t get yourself to sleep, you will most likely only focus on solving this issue and neglect or underappreciate your partner’s needs or wishes. He or she deserves to get the chance to help you, even if it’s reading about sleep issues on Reddit.

Looks Do Matter

Take a look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Usually, when people are anxious, restless or depressed due to a hardship in their life, they stop caring about their appearance. You might even notice people in the office giving you dirty looks, or your partner politely making suggestions to trim your beard or getting rid of dead ends. Of course, it is true that a real person who loves you for you, will love you no matter what, but no one likes to be seen in public with someone who disregards and neglects their personal hygiene. So, don’t get offended by these types of comments, if you know that it is true. Take matters into your own hands, and even if you’re dealing with sleep problems, put your feelings aside and pull yourself together because of your partner. It’s the least you can do. Both people and your partner will find you more attractive if you use perfume, cut your nails or stop biting them.

It is definitely a pity to let lack of sleep be the main cause of your break up. Not only does sleep deprivation ruin your health, it can also have a negative impact on your relationship. From more serious head games you unintentionally play with your partner, to superficial stuff such as looks, being deprived of sleep is not fun for you, and most certainly, not fun for a person who spends time with you. A person who would go down that road of fighting or crying with you, is a keeper. Don’t take advantage of people who were there for you when no one else was. Would you let your partner help you, if you had a similar problem? Would you be ashamed to admit it? Tell us all about your experience in the comment section below.


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