If you want to get your girl in the mood for fun in the bedroom, sexting can work wonders. Dirty text messages can get pretty much any woman primed and ready for sex. When you know what to say, you’ll be able to get her to do pretty much anything once she comes over. Start texting her while she’s at work so she’ll want to rip your clothes off when she walks in the door.

In this article we have listed 45 dirty text messages that are guaranteed to get her wet and ready for a night of incredible sex. Sometimes the right words are all you need to make her insatiably horny. The problem is that most guys don’t know what to say. Try out some of these ideas and see how eager she gets. In today’s technological world, this is one of the best ways to ensure that you get laid.

45 Dirty Text Messages to Get Her in the Mood:

  1. I want you to run your tongue through my pussy that is dripping wet.
  2. I want to suck your cock in a men’s washroom so that the rest can hear how loudly I moan when I am about to reach orgasm.
  3. I want to bounce on top of you so that you grab my hips and suck my tits
  4. I want to be driven by you in car at midnight and get fucked senselessly on the car hood.
  5. Why don’t you come down to my place as I am screwing myself using a vibrator and screaming your name as I rub my clit.
  6. I want you to suck my tits while I ride you and my hard nipples touch your tongue constantly.
  7. I want you to dominate the hell on me, tie me up against the wall and bang me till morning.
  8. That scene from [movie/TV show] was so hot.
  9. I like thinking about you touching yourself.
  10. I read this article about anal today, and it got me thinking.
  11. I’m going to make you beg for it.
  12. I’m going to make you come so hard.
  13. My clothes are coming off the second you get home.
  14. Tell me what you think about when you masturbate.
  15. I want you to kiss/touch my [pick a body part].
  16. I need you inside of me right now.
  17. How many more days until we’re in bed together, again?
  18. We really dropped the ball on this trip. If you’d come, we could have joined the mile-high club.
  19. I’m all by myself, reading some erotica and imagining it’s about us.
  20. So, I’m thinking about the last time we were together. I think we should try to top that.
  21. I’ve decided what I’m doing tonight. (You.)
  22. If you can guess what I’m doing, I’ll send you a picture.
  23. Wanna meet in the parking lot on our lunch breaks?
  24. If I were your boss, I’d definitely make you work late.
  25. You’re in finance. What are the odds of us multiplying tonight?
  26. I’m lying in bed right now, touching myself thinking about you. Care to give me a hand? I know you can satisfy me with your tongue.
  27. Hope you’re rested, cause you’re gonna need every ounce of energy you can find tonight.
  28. Here’s a riddle for you: What is handsome, nice and sometimes hard all over?
  29. I have a magic wand and it is aching to show you a trick.
  30. I can’t sleep – all I can think about is what we would be doing if you were here with me…
  31. I can’t stop thinking about some very dirty things… can you help me?
  32. Do songs ever remind you of people? I’m listening to “I wanna fuck you in the ass” and thinking about you. 🙂
  33. Tell me your dick is as big as it seems in those tight pants you wore today.
  34. Hey, how are you today? Wanna make out?
  35. If you could do anything you want to me, what would you do?
  36. Could you please come at my place and unhook my bra for me?
  37. I can’t stop thinking about your ass in those tight boxers you were wearing this morning.
  38. I love the way you get naughty in bed it keeps me seduced and excited.
  39. I can feel your masculine power when I touch you down there. It’s really hot, heavy and hard like a rod.
  40. Oh, Baby! Even a thought of you makes me wet below my waist.
  41. I’m so shy, but you have no idea what I’m thinking.
  42. This makes me blush. I can’t help it.
  43. I can’t believe how out of control I feel sometimes when I think about you.
  44. Wait, are you alone right now?
  45. What is your secret fetish? You must have one, come on.


Now that you have a better idea of what to text your girl to get her in the mood, it’s time to start typing. You can be sure that she’ll want to get your clothes off and get you into bed right away. A simple dirty text message has a lot of power, as you’ll soon discover.


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