Still looking for the most effective dirty talk phrases that will make her horny instantly?

If you want to drive in crazy and get him worked up, there are certain dirty talk phrases that can really do the trick. You will find that each phrase in this article can help you get almost any guy you want. Sexting can be a very powerful tool when it comes to turning people on these days, and these key dirty talk phrases will definitely help. Just make sure that your timing is perfect, because otherwise it could backfire. The more of these phrases you have, the better your chances will be of making him crazy in the best possible way.

Examples Of How To Dirty Talk To Turn A Man On Like Never Before

  1. Nobody feels as good inside me as you do. I can’t wait to feel you push into me again.
  2. Guess what color the panties I am wearing right now are.
  3. I’m feeling so horny right now, and only your cock can truly satisfy me.
  4. I want to sit on your face and feel your tongue deep inside of me as you feel my body.
  5. The only thing that I can focus on right now is riding you and feeling you deep inside of me.
  6. I want to lick and kiss all over your body, making my way from your neck down.
  7. I want you to fuck me in front of a mirror so I can see you pumping into me over and over.
  8. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I always think of is how badly I want you to fuck me.
  9. Next time I see you I am going to get down on my knees and drain your balls.
  10. You are so sexy, I get so wet just thinking about you lying in my bed naked.
  11. I am using one of my sex toys right now, but I wish so badly that it was you inside of me.
  12. I can still feel you inside of me from the last time we had sex, and I can’t wait until we get to do it again.
  13. I love it when you pin me down on the bed and have your way with me.
  14. I want you to go down on me and make my pussy soaking wet.
  15. Just looking at pictures of you makes me so wet. I can’t wait to unbutton your pants and go down on you.
  16. Your cock is all I need, and you make me moan louder than any guy I have ever been with.
  17. I want you to squeeze and lick my breasts, slowly making your way down to my wet pussy.
  18. I love rubbing your crotch and feeling you get rock hard through your pants.
  19. Next time I see you I am going to run my tongue all over your sexy body.
  20. I am going to undress you slowly and run your soft hands all over you, working my way towards your stiff dick.
  21. How about we try having sex in every room of my house?
  22. I keep thinking about how wet you make me when you are pounding me from behind.
  23. I love when you start fucking me harder and harder until the pleasure overwhelms me the point I can barely speak.
  24. Rough me up a little bit when you are inside of me next time. Hold me down and do me hard.
  25. I want to fall asleep with your cock inside of me.
  26. The hottest part about last time we had sex was feeling your warm load inside of me.
  27. I really want you to bend me over and fuck me from behind next time we are in bed together.
  28. I really cannot get enough of your cock, it’s like I am addicted to it.
  29. My pussy is all yours. Just let me know when you want to slip inside of it.
  30. I absolutely love it when you grab my ass and spank me while we are having sex.
  31. Suck on my nipples and grab my breasts while I ride you on your back.
  32. I’ve been a really bad girl and I need you to punish me.
  33. I can’t wait to have you rip off my clothes and slip your cock inside of my wet pussy.
  34. I love it so much when you play with my pussy. You get me so wet, I miss feeling your touch.
  35. I never want you to stop when you are inside of me.
  36. I really need to you to fuck me right now. Slide my panties off and take me, I’m all yours.
  37. Kiss me deeply while you fuck me hard on my back.
  38. Right now I am just imaging your head between my legs, licking my tight pussy while you feel my soft body all over.
  39. When I see you next I am going to tease your body with my tongue, making you rock hard and ready.
  40. I am going to be naked when you walk in the door. Throw me on the bed and have your way with me all night long.
  41. When you put your cock inside me my whole body shakes and trembles with pleasure.
  42. I love the way you fuck me. I look forward to it every single time, and it’s the best part of my day.
  43. Nibble on my neck and tell me how you want to fuck me.
  44. Pull my hair while you fuck me hard from behind.
  45. Touch my body all over and slide your hand under my panties so you can feel how wet you have made me.

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  • I want you to fuck me from behind next time.
  • How can I please you? Can I suck on you a little?
  • You need to grab my tits and hold them while I cum.
  • You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into. I’m going to be your sex slave.
  • Slow and easy, or fast and crazy. I’ll fuck you however you like.
  • I haven’t seen you in so long, but I can still remember your body like it was yesterday.
  • If you keep looking at me that way, I’m not responsible for what happens to your cock.
  • I’m going to make you come so hard.
  • No one makes me as horny as you do.
  • I want you to make me scream.
  • I love teasing you because I love seeing how much you want me.
  • I need your body pressed against mine. Your warmth. Your smile. Your fingers wrapped around the curves of mine. The taste of your kiss. I need you.
  • Grab my ass and give me a sexy kiss.
  • I am always in a mood for a bit of naughty fun with you.
  • You make me smile… and also super horny…


Turning on a guy isn’t all that difficult, but using these sexy phrases can really do the trick. You won’t have any problem getting him in the mood when you send him these dirty talk phrases. You can also say them in person, which is even better.


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