It’s so difficult to make a connection with someone these days, don’t you agree? With so many options to modern dating, we have many ways to find love, but rarely do we find any meaningful connections. Now the new trend is to find love on Tinder. In the process, we do come across many potentially great matches, but we swipe indiscriminately. We make snap judgments based on the profile. This habit of judging too soon even passes on to our real life. The fact is, what if you are waiting around to find a good match, whereas there is someone right in front of you, but you fail to notice them. This means that you need a serious Tinder Timeout, don’t believe me? Well if you have been doing this for long enough then you might have bumped into your potential partner long ago. The fact that you haven’t is probably a sign telling you to see other options to find love. Well here are a few signs you should watch out for.

You Swipe Right/Left Too Soon

Why are you in a rush to find the one? And how can you decide that someone is not right for you just based on the initial look at their profile? Who knows you may like them when you meet. You need to take time to consider each profile. Otherwise you will never find the right one with all the confusion happening. On the contrary, you may be swiping right too soon. Maybe because you love that perfect shirtless profile picture he’s got going on. But what if you don’t click? Online dating has successfully numbed your mind to be easily distracted by what you see. Often we don’t recognise our potential partners at first sight, we take time. The same goes for online dating, you can’t judge someone too soon even before trying to get to know them.

You Feel Resentful On Dates

After dating so much, you don’t even feel any intimacy with the people you meet over the internet. Which causes you to resent the whole date, about spending all that time, wasting your energy and money on someone you don’t even like that much. It’s come to a point where you don’t want to invest emotionally, in anyone. Mentally you may have given up already, that you could ever find the right one through online dating, but you are too afraid to stop now. It could be due to all those bad dates you witnessed. But that does not mean you drop your standards for a potential relationship, but you can at least give it a try at real dating. Based on research most people don’t settle down with the people they meet online. If you are resentful on dates then your heart already knows what it wants and online dating is not going to give that to you.

You Are Lining Up Dates

If you are scheduling too many dates in a short period, it’s a clear sign that you got to slow down. That’s right; you can’t be browsing Tinder all the time, especially not when you are on a date. You may be disrespecting a potential match. When you have some dates lined up for you, then you can’t focus on anyone, and you fail to make a real connection. What online-dating does is, it takes away the chance from potential contenders and throws away an actual connection with someone based on petty reasons. Don’t be desensitized to people you meet by taking a timeout from online dating.

You Lost Hope On Finding The One

Online dating is not the only medium to find love. So stop wating on finding the right one through the internet. You may be steering your ship in another direction while your potential match is on the opposite side. There are other more social ways of finding a suitable partner for yourself. When you don’t find the perfect match after several attempts, that only means that you haven’t given them a chance. It’s pretty understandable that you get so exhausted that you miss out on potential matches. Only if you are optimistic about finding your partner can you stick around so long? By being over cautious about who you need, you limit yourself. Limit yourself to online dating, but not in real, go out and meet someone, fall in love, and develop the relationship with an open mind.

Other ways to Find your Life Partner

There are other mediums through which you can find the one. But for that to happen you should make sure that your heart and head is in the same direction. That way you can stay true to yourself and find a soulmate who wants the same things. Maybe you could bump into him at your gym, or at your workplace and even at a gettogether/party. Don’t be anti-social and stick to your phone all the time. Give real dating a chance. Go on a date after meeting someone. Talk about interests and learn about them without being too quick to judge.

To meet your soulmate, you need to let yourself get out there and see for yourself. Give people a chance to connect with you. You can’t just rely on online dating for the right match for you. These are a few signs that are trying to tell you that this is not working out for you. Online dating, stands the risk of a temporary romance shared but soon the couple drifts apart. You don’t have to live alone; you can give online dating a break, and try old-school dating for once. The timeout will help you be more optimistic and energetic in the pursuit of love. So take this short break. And start planning your dating life in a way best suited to your personality. So next time, don’t rely on social media and instead focus on the person in front of you and you will see a natural spark. There’s only so much before romantic summers have kicked in.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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