People all around the Earth are texting for many different reasons: for work, or business, to talk to their 90-year-old grandma, and they’re also in a group chat with they’re boys organized a guys night Within the next week or so. So why not use your phone to send the girl that you have been talking to on kik a few of the dirty sexting messages to keep her interested and turned on?

Just imagine! She will pick up her phone in the middle of work, log-in on and see the hot sext m that you sent her and she will need to take her break early in order to calm down! She may even send you a filthy sex of her own! Sending a sexting messages is one of the best ways to keep you in the mind of the girl that you’re talking to. If you don’t know what to say, use the sexts in the list below!

38 Dirty Kik Sext Messages:

  1. What’s your goodnight fantasy? We can work on making it come true next time.
  2. Slithered into bed but it’s not the same without you here.
  3. Can’t wait until we’re doing this IRL.
  4. If this is how it is over the phone, I don’t know if I’ll survive the real thing.
  5. I know it’s not your birthday, but I think I still owe you a treat.
  6. What are you doing tonight? It better be me!
  7. I’ve got a very hot, nasty, filthy surprise for you later. I have a funny feeling you’ll like it.
  8. Why am I stuck in work when I could be in bed with you… so frustrating!
  9. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together 😉
  10. I was dreaming about you last night … so hot!
  11. I saw this remote control vibrator at the store today, and I want to try it with you on our next dinner date.
  12. Can you recommend a good porn video?
  13. I don’t think anyone has ever gotten me this horny solely through texts before.
  14. When I pick you up for our next date, I want you to “forget” to wear panties.
  15. I miss making you come.
  16. I was just thinking about how hot your [insert body part here] looked last night when you [insert sexual activity here].
  17. I love when you send me photos. Would you be down to send a video so I can really see how you like to play with yourself?
  18. When you talk to me like this, I’m not sure I can go three more weeks without you.
  19. I’m going to f*ck you until you come all over me.
  20. I’ve been thinking about the way you taste all day at work. I can’t focus on anything but the thought of you.
  21. I’m really looking forward to you wrapping your long arms around me tonight.
  22. Do you picture me naked as often as I picture you naked.
  23. I’m tying you to the bed and blindfolding you when you get home.
  24. I thought you’d like to know I’m hot and bothered.
  25. I want you to eat me from breakfast, if you know what I mean…
  26. Remember when we broke the bed? Do you wanna do it again?
  27. I’ve managed to drip ice-cream all over my body. If only someone could lick it off me.
  28. I really want to suck a popsicle or… something.
  29. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have a lot of sexual tension. What do you suggest we do about it?
  30. This is embarrassing, but my zipper is stuck…can you come over to help me take my dress off?
  31. I think you should get up, get dressed, enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant, and then go home and have sex. Oh, and take me with you.
  32. What’s your favorite dirty thing?
  33. Are you masturbating? ‘Cause I am.
  34. I don’t know what to dress up for you tonight – my boobs or my butt.
  35. Guess what I’m touching right now? I’ll give you a hint: it’s tight and wet.
  36. I’m touching myself in a public bathroom.
  37. Tell me next time you jerk off. I want to help you finish.
  38. I want to go to sleep, but I’m not tired at all. Do you want to come over and do something physical?

Conclusion: Get The Most Kik Photos Using These Sext Examples

The best time to send a hot kik sext is before a date, early in the morning so she thinks about you all day, and on her lunch hour in the event that she can take a long lunch and meet you somewhere. Just don’t send sexts when mad or tired.


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    Texting is a common means of communication, but it’s crucial to approach it responsibly. Keeping someone interested and engaged shouldn’t rely solely on explicit messages. Building a strong connection involves respect, genuine conversations, and understanding each other’s boundaries. Healthy relationships prioritize trust and emotional intimacy over solely relying on sexting.

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