It is crucial that you know some of the signs that a guy does not like you back to avoid wasting time and energy. If you have trouble discerning whether or not guys want more than just friendship, this article can help. We will go over some of the more common signs that it’s just not meant to be.

1. He Doesn’t Treat You as Special
One of the signs that a guy probably doesn’t have feelings for you is that he just treats you like everyone else. If a guy is into you, he will typically give you more attention and act differently when he is in your presence.

2. He Seems Uninterested in Getting to Know You
If the guy you like doesn’t ever ask you any questions about yourself, he probably doesn’t have a strong desire to form a deeper bond with you. Most guys that like a girl typically ask these kinds of questions.

3. He Doesn’t Laugh at your Jokes
Another telltale sign that a certain guy in your life doesn’t want to take things to the next level is that most of your jokes seem to fall flat with him.

4. You Notice Him Flirting with Other Girls
If he is flirting with other girls right in front of you, it is very unlikely that you’ll ever make it past being just friends.

5. He’s Not Jealous When Other Guys Are Around
Lots of guys act jealously when other guys are around the girl they have a crush on, so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

6. He Doesn’t Call or Text You First
If you are the one who is always initiating contact, it is probably because he just isn’t interested in you “that way”.

7. He Doesn’t Make You a Top Priority
If it seems like you are always near the bottom of his list of priorities, it is probably because that is actually the case.

8. He Spends A lot of Time on His Phone
Have you noticed that he is on his phone a lot when he is with you? If so, there probably aren’t any romantic sparks flying.

9. He Doesn’t Make an Effort to Impress You
When a guy has feelings for a girl, they usually go out of their way to impress them.

10. Time Apart Doesn’t Seem to Faze Him
If he doesn’t seem very fazed by not seeing or talking to you for long periods, he might not like you back.

11. He Doesn’t Seems to Remember Anything You Tell Him
One sign that a guy probably isn’t into you is if he is always forgetting things you have told him in the past.

12. He Won’t Go Out of His Way to Make Plans
Are you the one always making plans with him? If so, it is probably time to move onto someone else.

13. He Talks About Other Women
It might seem obvious, but if he talks about women he likes in front of you, there’s a good chance you aren’t one of them.

14. He Won’t Open Up
When a guy is really infatuated with a girl, he tends to open up more than usual.

15. Your Gut is Screaming
If your gut instinct is that he doesn’t like you back, this is most likely the case.

16. He Never Seems Nervous Around You
Most guys are usually act at least a little nervously or awkwardly around girls they truly have feelings for.

17. He Doesn’t Compliment You
If you never seems to compliment you on your appearance or anything else, he probably doing feel the same as you do for him.

18. He Avoid Physical Contact
It is very common for guys who like a girl to find any reason to make physical contact, so you need to keep this in mind.

19. He Never Surprises You
If he doesn’t go out of his way to surprise you with little gifts or anything, you should set your sights on someone else.

20. He Doesn’t Take an Interest in Your Interests
If a guy really likes you, he will show an activate interest in the things that are most important to you.

21. He Always Seems to be in a Hurry to Leave
Guys that spend time with girls they don’t aren’t interested in romantically tend to cut their time short.

22. He Forgets Important Dates
If he always seems to forget plans you make or bails out on them a lot, he probably isn’t all that into you.

23. He Doesn’t Seem Excited to See You
If he really does like you back, he should seem excited to see you each and every time you get together.

24. He Only Reaches Out When He Needs Something
Does he only seem to contact you when he needs something? If so, this is not a very good sign.

25. He Keeps His Distance
If he never seems to purposely move close to you, it’s probably because he doesn’t view you as a potential mate.

26. He Constantly Seems Preoccupied
When a guy always seems to be paying more attention to everything else around him, the girl he’s with isn’t all that important.

27. He Gives you Lame Excuses for Not Hanging Out
It is also fairly common for guys to give girls lame excuses not to hang out if they aren’t interested in them.

28. He Regards You as a Friend
Has he ever referred to you as a friend? If this is the case, romance is not in the air.

29. He Lies to You
If you notice him lying to you a lot, it’s probably because he doesn’t care enough about you to be honest.

30. He Doesn’t Make an Effort in Conversations
Whether you are on the phone or in person, lack of effort in conversations usually means a lack of romantic interest.

31. He Frequently Checks the Time
If he is constantly checking his watch or phone for the time when you are together, he probably can’t wait to leave.


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