So you’re sure you want your ex back and you want to know if he or she wants you back too? Here are the signs that helped me get my ex back:

  1. your ex picks up the phone and calls/texts you
  2. your ex e-mails you
  3. your ex asks for you through your friends, family or co-workers
  4. your ex “accidentally” shops in your store (even if your ex lives miles away)
  5. your ex calls you nicknames
  6. your ex lingers on the phone when the two of you talk
  7. hangs around you when you two meet
  8. walks you home
  9. seems very anxious when you part
  10. initiates the conversation, asks a lot of questions
  11. touches you the way he (or she) used to touch you when you were in a relationship
  12. asks for your advice when ever there is some decision making involved
  13. changes the things you used to dislike
  14. makes an effort to help you when you’re in trouble
  15. tells you about his (hers) day, keeps you very much engaged in his (or hers) life
  16. never mentions or displays interest in finding a new “date”
  17. apologies for the stuff that had gone wrong when the two of you were a couple
  18. calls you up just to hear your voice with no particular reason
  19. seems a bit nervous when you meet (but doesn’t rush to get away from you)
  20. your ex is trying to impress you
  21. your ex is touching you gently
  22. gets jealous when ever you mention hanging out with the person of opposite sex
  23. your ex makes the same little gestures he (or she) did when you were together
  24. your ex is making an effort to be a better person around you
  25. your ex shows interest in things he or she knows interest you (especially if he or she has not done this when you were together)
  26. your ex makes plans for the future that involve you
  27. your ex constantly stresses how much he (or she) misses you
  28. your ex looks you in the eye and tells you he (or she) still loves you
  29. your boyfriend ex asks you to get back to him
  30. or your ex girlfriend asks you to come back to her

How to get my ex back?

It’s so painful to be in your position right now and wonder how to get your ex back… I got the love of my life back and there is one advice I would really like you to hear, and that is to take it slow. Don’t try to get your ex back by rushing. People don’t respond well to that, instead you should really take it one phone call at the time if you want your ex back.

Why is it so hard to get our ex back? Well for one because we really, really want it and we want it now before something terrible happens (god forbid your ex meets someone new), but if your ex doesn’t want to get back with your or is not sure, rushing this process will only convince your ex not to come back.

In order to get back with your ex, you need to pace your self. Take it slow. First establish any form of communication. Once you do that, stop. Don’t try and immediately set a meeting to get back together. First a few text. And take a few days in between. After that you’re allowed a brief phone call with your ex.

Again take a step back, wait a few days and text again. Then call up again. Only when the two of you seem to have a good time and there is NO arguing involved, can you call your ex up for a meeting. That’s it. Nothing more, just a simple, innocent meeting.

Once you’re there, don’t try and milk that meeting. You have on hour and after that you’ll leave. I’m not kidding here, don’t act as if it’s the last time you see your ex, it’s not. Have a cup of coffee, talk a while and get up.

So you once again take a few steps back – text – phone –and meeting again. But don’t do it too soon. Give it at least a week after the initially meeting. It’s super important that you don’t come off too needy and being the one who wants to get back together.

You want to spark interest in your ex if you want him or her to want to get back together with you.

Get your ex back, take your time and move really slowly. Don’t jump onto every thing your ex says, don’t try and rush things, it won’t make them go any faster, you can only loose.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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