There are a lot of different sexting examples for him that you can send to a guy to really get him going, and it’s important that you know what some of them are. The sexier your messages, the more turned on he is going to be (and he’s going to love these sexting examples for him).

This list of freaky things to say to a guy will make you very popular but be careful as most of them are quite explicit sexting examples ;)! This is not for everyone as these are dirty things to say to a guy over text so choose the right sexting examples for him that best suit you and him. Experiment because you can never tell what he likes. We’ve selected the text messages that will make him want you and which he’s most likely to love.

30+ Sexting Examples For Him

  1. “I had a dream about you last night and I cannot stop thinking about how much I’d love to get on my knees and slide your pants right off.”
  2. I’m lying in bed right now touching myself thinking about you. Care to give me a hand? I know you can satisfy me with your tongue.”
  3. “I have my hand down my underwear right now, and just the thought of you touching me has me so wet. I can’t wait until you tear my clothes off and have your way with me.”
  4. “Have you ever had a wet dream with me in it?”
  5. “Would you like to see me make out with a girl? I have always been curious about doing it.”
  6. “I want to reach down your pants and start rubbing until I feel you get rock hard.”
  7. “I wish you were licking my body all over right now. I love feeling your tongue all over my breast, going lower and lower.”
  8. I’m soaking wet right and it’s all your fault. You really need to be here right now to bend me over and take care of me.”
  9. “When I see you I am going to rip off your clothes and kiss your sexy body all over.”
  10. “I hope you rested well, because you are definitely going to need your energy later when you walk into my bedroom.”
  11. “You need to come see me right away, because I am getting moist just thinking about your naked body pressed up against mine.”
  12. “I am going to take in every inch of you and make you moan in pleasure. You’ll love all the things I can do with my tongue.”
  13. “I couldn’t focus all day long today because I was just thinking about how badly I wanted to get you naked and ride you.”
  14. “I know exactly what you want, but I am going to make you beg for it before I’ll give it to you.”
  15. “I’m going crazy without you here to touch me, so I have to touch myself. I’m getting so wet feeling myself, imagining it’s your hand instead of mine.”
  16. “When you get home I am going to handcuff you to the bed and tease every inch of your body with my tongue. Then I’m going to strip your pants off and ride you hard until you explode with pleasure.”
  17. “Kiss my soft body all over and lick my nipples until they get hard. I want to feel your hard on pressing against me as you run your hands and tongue all over me from top to bottom.”
  18. “I am going to blow your mind and then blow something else later. I want you to take me and put me exactly how you want me so I know exactly what to do. You are going to be in full control of my body.”
  19. “I am so horny just lying in my bed thinking about you. I wish I was on top of you right now, grinding into your crotch and feeling you get so hard. Take your cock out of your pants and rub it against my soft skin.”
  20. “I want to reach down your pants and grab your big throbbing manhood. I’ll start stroking it and feel it get even harder until you can’t take it anymore because it feels so good.”
  21. “I’m checking out sex toys online right now and I’m thinking about getting one. What do you think?”
  22. “I want to do so many different dirty things to you. Strip your clothes off and feel your sexy body all over before I get on top of you, and then the real fun begins.”
  23. “I’m getting so wet in bed I can barely stand it. I need you to be here right now taking care of my needs. You’re so good at knowing just what I like.”
  24. “I want you to suck on my tits and run your tongue over my rock hard nipples.”
  25. “I want you to tie my wrists behind my back and thrust into me from behind just like in a porno. Be as rough with me as you want ;)”
  26. “Let’s try every sexual position we can think of when are here in my bed. I want to explore all of them with you.”
  27. “I’m not wearing any underwear right now. I really wish that you could be here to slip your hand down my pants and get me soaking wet.”
  28. “I want you to rip my underwear off with your teeth and then use your tongue to bring me more pleasure than I’ve ever experienced before.”
  29. “How about you blindfold and gag me tonight? Lay me down on the bed and have your way with me for as long as you want.”
  30. “I really want you to fuck me hard in every room of the house. I want you to take me on the couch, over the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, and everywhere else.”
  31. “I want to push you down onto the bed, crawl between your legs and suck your big throbbing cock.”
  32. “I’ve been wanting to try anal and I think you are just the man for the job ;)”
  33. “Please strip me out of my clothes and run your hands all over my soft naked body before throwing me down onto the bed.”
  34. “I want to drizzle chocolate syrup down your body and lick every little bit off, working my way down lower and lower until the real fun begins ;)”

Is Sexting Examples For Him Effective?

Hopefully, you’ve learned a bit more about how to talk dirty to a guy over text and added a few more freaky things to say to your boyfriend through text ;)! The sexting examples for him listed above are proven to work so you have just learned how to turn a man on through text – isn’t it exciting? Can you imagine his face when he sees the freaky text messages you sent him?

Don’t forget to use these sexting examples to turn him on next time you are about to meet him and test out all the seductive text msgs above and see which ones he reacts to best. And, after a while, try learning how to sext with your boyfriend or husband and give him some ideas of dirty text messages to send you – this will make things much more fun!

Now get your phone and make use of these sexting examples for him and always expand your list of really dirty text messages he doesn’t get bored 🙂

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  1. Hello Anna,

    I must say you have covered very good ideas for sexting. I enjoyed your list.


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  3. My boyfriend is the kind of person that keeps to himself, doesn’t talk much. I felt we needed a spark so I looked for dirty text messages for him online and sent him one from this list. He was very happy when I got home and romanced me like never before – it was amazing! I’m going to look for more dirty lines for him and send him more from now on!

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  11. Never really knew how to turn a guy on up until I found this list. Wrote down a few of them and now I feel more confident and can even make some of my own and send them. He seems to really love them.

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