You might be surprised when it comes to just how well some of the worst pickup lines can work. If you want to step up your game with the ladies, the following lines are worth considering. When your timing is right, you can make just about any pickup line work in your favor. Sometimes the cheesier they are, the better your results will be. Next time you go out to the bar or club, you should consider using some of these lines.

Even the cheesiest of pickup lines can work like a charm on the right person. Despite what some people think, these lines can work on both men and women. Certain lines are better for one sex over the other though. It is important that you keep this in mind before trying any of them out.

If you want to make some of these terrible pickup lines work for you, it is important to have confidence. Those who try to bust out any of these lines without the right dose of confidence will ultimately fail miserably. You will just end up looking like a fool, so you need to keep this in mind before getting started.

Those who refrain from using pickup lines usually don’t have the confidence or timing to pull them off. It might take a little bit of practice, but it is well worth the effort. You will never get anywhere romantically if you aren’t willing to make an ass out of yourself.

A big part of proper delivery for pickup lines is your facial expression and body language. You need to go all in with the lines you use or don’t even try. This means giving the other person a sly smile without seeming too goofy or silly. You want to let them know that you are actually interested.

It is also important that you maintain eye contact. All of this will let them know that you are a confident person. When you keep all of these things in mind, your chances of success will instantly skyrocket.

Terrible Pickup Lines To try:

  1. Your outfit looks great, but it would look even better on my bedroom floor. This is a classic line that actually works quite well on a lot of girls.
  2. Have you ever been placed under arrest? Because looking that sexy has got to be illegal. It is never a bad idea to let him or her know that you find them physically attractive, and this is a good way of doing so.
  3. I seem to have lost my virginity. Do you think I could have yours? If you are just looking to get laid, this is a surefire line to bust out.
  4. Do you happen to know what is on the menu? It’s Me ‘n You. This can be interpreted as sexy or sweet, depending on the person’s mindset. Their reaction will tell you what they are interested in.
  5. Hey baby, you must be A Wi-Fi hotspot, because I am definitely picking up a connection. As nerdy as this pickup line is, it does have the power to work magic.
  6. If you were a Pokemon, I’d choose you every single time. This one might actually spark some conversation if they are actually into Pokemon.
  7. I lost my favorite stuffed animal. Can I cuddle up with you tonight instead? This pickup line is sappy, but it’s also pretty sweet.
  8. I think you have something in your eye. Oh wait, never mind, it’s just a sparkle. A solid romantic pickup line that can sweet just about any woman off her feet.
  9. My doctor said that I’m not getting any vitamin U. Wanna help me out?
  10. Did the sun just come out or is all that light coming from your perfect smile? Another great pickup line that compliments her appearance.
  11. Hey baby, do you know what my shirt is made of? It’s 100% boyfriend material. This is a fairly cheesy line, but it’s also kind of clever and endearing.
  12. Hey there, remember me? I know I’ve seen you in my dreams before. A classic line that has been used a million times, but it continues to work like a charm for lots of people. You can’t go wrong with the tried and true.
  13. Well, I’m here. What are your other two wishes going to be? This is a good pickup line because it exudes confidence, which is very important.
  14. You must drink a lot of milk, because your it definitely did your body good. A complimentary pickup line like this one is always a winner.
  15. Is your dad a drug dealer? Because you are straight up dope. This line opens the door to some conversation while making it clear that you are attracted to them.
  16. 16. Did you get those pants from another planet? Because your butt looks out of this world. Girls love getting compliments, especially when it comes to their butt.
  17. 17. I really hope you know CPR, because you are seriously taking my breath away.
  18. 18. You must be a camera, because every time I look at you I can’t help but smile. This is a nice sweet pickup line that both guys and girls are vulnerable to.
  19. 19. Are you a loan? Because you sure are drawing my interest. This one is really bad but also fairly witty.v
  20. 20. Can you travel through time? Because I definitely see you in my future. This is a good line to use if you are looking for more than just a one night stand.

It is important that you never underestimate the power of a good pickup line. It can help to break the ice and show that you have a sense of humor. Just remember that timing is everything. A well timed pickup line can work extremely well in most cases. While some people are more susceptible to them than others, there is no harm in at least trying.


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