Signs You’re Prudish

Some people are more prudish and sexually awkward than others, and you must be able to recognize the signs. Being sexually awkward won’t get you anywhere, so you will need to learn everything you can about how to tell if you are prudish. Those who are prudish tend to have a much more difficult time getting into a meaningful relationship due to the stigma that not having sex right away carries in our culture today.

1. You Feel Embarrassed When Any Sexual Topic is Broached

If you tend to blush or feel embarrassed when the people around you talk about sex, there is a good chance that you are a prude. Those who are sexually comfortable and confident can talk about sex with others without experiencing any issues.

2. Discussing Bodily Functions Puts You Off

When someone mentions bodily functions of any kind (especially semen), you tend to get uncomfortable and awkward. This is a hallmark of a prude, and it can really come across as strange to others. Even someone hinting at bodily functions will cause you to become visibly uncomfortable.

3. Being Naked Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

Another sign that someone is very sexually awkward is that they are not comfortable being naked, even by themselves. While most prudes aren’t comfortable being nude with others, some are put off by the idea of it, even when they are entirely alone.

4. You’re Not Interested in Hearing About Others’ Sex Lives

These days, a lot of people feel very open and comfortable talking about their sex lives, but you aren’t interested in any of that whatsoever. If you shrink away from any conversation where someone is talking about their sexual exploits, you could very well be a prude.

5. Talking About Masturbation is a No-No for You

There is nothing more natural than Masturbation, but even discussing it with people whom you are close to makes you very uncomfortable. This is most likely because you don’t masturbate yourself, so you don’t want to talk about it with others.

6. Sex Education Made You Very Anxious

It’s pretty standard to feel a little anxious or awkward when being taught about sex in school, but chances are you completely shrunk away mentally and perhaps physically. Your fellow students also most likely noticed your reaction because it was so extreme.

7. You Aren’t into PDA

Prudish people are usually not into public displays of affection. When you are dating someone, just the idea of even holding hands with them in a public area makes you very uncomfortable. You have probably turned down partners’ requests for PDA numerous times in the past.

8. You Would Never Own a Sex Toy

A lot of women own a sex toy of some kind, whether it is a vibrator or a dildo, but the thought of owning one yourself has never even crossed your mind. Sexually awkward people are usually not into the idea of using toys at all.

9. You Don’t Find Sexual Humor Funny At All

If you go to a movie that has sexual humour in it, likely, you won’t laugh at all. Jokes about sex put you off in a big way, and you simply cannot understand why anyone finds them the least bit funny.

10. The Clothes You Wear Aren’t Even Slightly Revealing

You probably have a closet filled with very modest clothes that don’t show much skin, if any. Those who are comfortable with their sexuality don’t have a problem with showing off their bodies at least a little bit, but this definitely isn’t the case with you.

11. You Won’t Have Sex On The Third Date

In our society, it is customary to have sex with someone around the third date, but you need at least several before you even consider getting into bed with another person.

12. You Don’t Really Like Being Touched

Whether it is being hugged by friends or even touched by someone you are dating, you’re definitely skittish when it comes to physical affection. This is a ubiquitous sign of prudishness.

13. You Have a Negative View of People Your Age

Sexually awkward people tend to look down on people their age, judging them as being overly sexual. You’ve probably silently judged a lot of people for this.

14. You Judge People Based on Their Attire

It probably isn’t all that uncommon for you to judge others based on the clothes they wear. You think that most people’s wardrobes are far too revealing and immodest.

15. You Don’t Swear Much

While it might seem a bit strange to some, sexually awkward people tend to avoid swearing and keep it as G-rated as possible in their everyday lives.

16. You Avoid Answering Personal Questions

One sign of a stuffy person is that they don’t like being asked personal questions by others, especially when they relate to sex even remotely.

17. You Hate It When a Person Moves Too Fast

When you are out on a date with someone, and they start moving a bit too fast, you get turned off hugely. It is probably enough to ruin the entire date for you.

18. You Don’t Party With Alcohol

Prudish people often avoid partying anywhere there is alcohol simply because they are afraid of losing control of themselves.

19. Talking Down to Others

Many prudes are very condescending when speaking to others because they look down on them for being overly sexual and different from themselves. It’s pretty easy to tell what you think about someone by how you speak to them.

20. You Are Very Self-Conscious

Self-consciousness goes hand in hand with sexual awkwardness. You probably don’t even like looking in the mirror if you can help it. This is a clear sign that someone isn’t comfortable in their own skin, especially when it comes to matters of sex.


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  1. All pretty true except 7 and 10. Just because someone is sexualmy comfortable doesn’t mean they rub it in others faces or make others uncomfortable

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