If you want to know if a guy has a crush on you, it is important to pay attention for key signs. This article will help you recognize some of these signs so you don’t miss out on a relationship with a wonderful guy. Sometimes guys can be very subtle when they like a girl, which is why you need to get this information right away. These signs will help you figure out if a guy really likes you in “that way”.

He is a Clumsy Fool Near You
Does he seem to always be tripping and acting like an accidental fool when he is around you? If so, he probably has feelings for you that he hasn’t yet expressed. Girls do some crazy things to guys, and this is just one of them.

He is always “accidentally” bumping into you
If he always seems to be touching you and then apologizing, it is because he just wants to make it seem like an accident. The fact is that he just wants to be close to you because of the strong feelings he has.

He Buys you Drinks
When you are in a bar with a guy who likes you, he will probably offer to buy you a drink or two. This is a classic sign that a guy has feelings for a girl, and it’s one you should watch out for.

He Always Seems Available to Spend Time with You
You know that he has a pretty busy life but he always seems to have time to talk with you on the phone or hang out. If this is the case, it is very likely that he has feelings for you. It means he wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

He Tries his best to Impress You
There are a lot of different ways that guys try to impress girls they like. It might be talking in a lower-than-usual voice or spending a lot of money on a fancy dinner for the two of you.

He Texts You as soon as he Wakes up
Does he shoot you a text message right when he wakes up most days? If so, he probably has a desire to be more than just friends.

He Tells his Friends About You
If he has started telling all of his friends about you, it is very likely that he wants to take things to the next level and date. Guys usually only do this with girls they really like.

He Likes Your Social Media Posts
Have you noticed that he likes every single one of your social media posts? This is a common sign that the modern guy likes a modern girl.

He Compliments Your Looks
Calling you beautiful or even just complimenting a certain outfit that you are wearing is a definite sign that a guy has a hardcore crush on you, so take notice.

He Wants to Talk a lot when you are apart
Frequent texting or phone calls from a guy probably means that he is into you. It means he misses you and wants to talk with you as much as possible until you see each other again.

He Takes Notice of the Little Changes
Maybe he noticed that you decided to style your hair a different way or that you are doing something different with your makeup. This is a sign that he is paying close attention, which means he likes you.

He Gets Jealous When You Talk to Other Guys
When a guy gets visibly jealous when he sees a girl talk with other guys, there is no question that he likes her. This means he has a big crush on you and wants you to himself.

He Smiles a lot with You
Smiling is a normal thing for most people, but a guy that has a crush on you will smile a lot when you are together.

He gets a little Handsy
If he tends to touch you gently in subtle ways, there is a strong possibility that he is crushing on you big time. This could mean brushing his hand up against your arm or playing with your hair.

He Moves Closer to you when sitting down
When you are sitting down on a park bench, he slowly and subtly starts moving closer to you. We typically want to sit close to the people we have a crush on because it makes us feel good.

He Asks for your Input all the time
If he is always asking for your input on all sorts of things, he probably has a pretty big crush on you. It could be asking you what kind of hair style would look good on him, or perhaps a certain piece of clothing to buy.

He Offers to Pay for Things
Guys that are crushing on girls usually offer to pay for their food and other things. This is just one method they use of trying to win them over.

He is there for you
If you send him a text message and tell him you are feeling sad for any reason, he will probably offer to comfort you right away. He might ask if you want him to come over so you’ll have a shoulder to cry on.

He Keeps Staring into your Eyes
Do you keep catching him just staring into your eyes and looking like he is lost in them? This is one of the more common ways to tell if a guy has a crush on you.

He Holds Doors Open for you
While it could just be that is a polite person, guys often hold doors open for girls that they are dating or have a crush on.

Final Thoughts

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if a guy likes you, which is why you need to review all of these signs and keep them in mind. This will help you avoid any misunderstandings, and give you the chance to act on mutually shared feelings.


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