A rough sexual experience can be a fantastic, liberating experience between two consenting partners. Rough sex can help to re-ignite passion, release built-up tension, provide deep physical satisfaction, and ease stress. While rough sex isn’t for everyone, it can be a freeing sexual experience that brings both partners a deep orgasm and a true sense of connection. Not sure where to start when it comes to rough sex? We’ve rounded up 20 of the best rough sex ideas you should use during your next romp!

1. Nibble and Bite

Let’s start with an easy gateway into rough sex. If you haven’t had much rough sex before, this is a great place to start and ease into a rougher sexual experience. Use your teeth and bring out the inner animal. Nibble and bite your partner in sensitive areas such as on nipples/breasts, the belly, inner thighs, neck, and elbows or ankles. Not only are these erogenous zones, but the very act of biting can genuinely bring out a more animalistic kind of sex.

2. Be Dominant/Submissive

Choose which one of you wants to be dominant and which gets to be submissive. If you choose to take the lead, grab your partner and take what you want. Start by holding them and pulling them in for a kiss or leading them into the bedroom. Once you’re in, push them onto the bed and start undressing them or doling out commands. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to turn yourself and your partner on when you start taking the lead and dominating the experience.

3. Do A Bit of Hair Pulling

Want to integrate just a bit of roughness into your sex? When having an exceptionally passionate and fast-paced sex session, do a bit of hair-pulling. If you’re being penetrated, let your lover grab a handful of your hair and tug at it. If it feels good, let them know that they can pull harder while penetrating harder/faster. Even if you’re not the one doing the penetrating or dominating, you can still pull your partner’s hair and direct them towards your mouth or sex organs.

4. Slapping

Slap each other across the face or chest. If you’re standing behind your partner, slap their back or but. If you’re a girl, pull a reverse cowgirl and let your partner slap you as you ride him. The searing pain will bring out an animalistic quality in your sex that won’t be forgotten.

5. Pinching and Grabbing

During rough sex, pinch anywhere you can grab skin. The more you grab, the less it will hurt. You can also use your nails to create a sharp pain rather than a dull ache. Pinching the genitals and nipples makes great targets for pinching. You can also twist for an added bit of rough play!

6. Fantasizing Role Play

Before you start, choose your roles or who you want to be. You can pretend to be anything. Some like to pretend their two drunken strangers at a party. Others like to pretend they have specific jobs or are two strangers on a flight. This can genuinely set the mood for some mind-blowing rough sex. Pretending to be someone else can free inhibitions and allow you to go further than you’ve ever gone before.

7. Talk Dirty or Use Degradation

Even those who are novices to rough sex can talk dirty. With rough sex, the receiver can ask or even beg for hard sex or for specific sex acts, such as having their pussy eaten. You can also describe the types of things you want to do with your partner when given the chance or even as you do them. If you’re the giver, talking dirty can also be a great time to withhold. If your partner is begging for you to go harder or faster, slow down and let them pray. Only when you decide it’s time will you give in.

You can also engage in Degradation. If you and your partner are down with it, feel free to use degrading terms such as “whore,” “bitch” or “slut.” Remind your partner that they are your property or that you won them. These things may be negative outside of the context of rough sex, but they totally work during a particularly passionate rough sex session.

8. Tear Off Each Other’s Clothes

Want to get really animalistic? Choose to wear clothing that neither one of you will miss, and go ahead and get to work. Literally, tear off each other’s clothes as if one more minute of not having them will send you over the edge. Once the clothes are off, dive right into some seriously rough sex.

9. Forced Sex

Remember, this only works if both partners are consenting. If you and your partner enjoy dominant and submissive roles, forcing your partner to perform sexual acts can be seriously hot. Force their head down on you or hold your love down by their hands or neck and order them around in bed.

10. Thrust Roughly

Rough sex can be so much more than penetration, yet that penetration can be rough and liberating all on its own. Fast and hard sex can be pleasurable to both partners involved. Some people like the act of “jackhammering” or getting pounded like there is no tomorrow. If you plan on thrusting roughly, make sure you use enough lube to prevent any micro-tears. Lube can also make the motion much more fluid and fast. Ladies can also be rough with their men. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are great ways to be rough and thrust hard.

11. Bust Out the Ties

Letting your partner tie you up or tying up your partner can be one of the best ways to engage in rough sex. Simply tie your lover’s hands and legs to the bedpost or use handcuffs. You can also firmly hold your partner down with your own hands. One of you will be in complete control of the other person, which can quickly turn both of you on.

12. Wrestling/Manhandling

One of the most unique parts of rough sex is when a guy grabs you and puts you where he wants you. It also works when you hold his face and force him to eat your pussy or make eye contact. All of this grabbing, pushing, pulling, and wrestling can be hot and rewarding for all parties involved.

13. Sit On His Face

As a woman, one surefire way to initiate rough sex is to sit on your man’s face. Your weight will keep them pinned tightly down, and you can make sure he uses his tongue to give you all the oral pleasure you deserve. Sometimes known as queening, there are even unique chairs you can buy that allow women to sit above their lover’s faces while being eaten out.

14. Bust Out A Gag

Think gags are just for 50 Shades of Grey? Think again! Gags are fun if you like to be rough with your partner. You can either make your gag out of panties or a bandana, or you can buy different styles of gags if you want something a bit more permanent or well-intended.

15. Use A Vibrator/Dildo

Want to add a whole new element to the rough sex in your bedroom? Bring out a vibrator or dildo. Women love to have their clits stimulated while engaging in rough sex because it can get them even more aroused. The kinky nature of these toys can also add a new element to the bedroom. Tease your partner with a dildo while performing oral, or simply tie them up and play around. There is no limit to what toys can bring to the bedroom.

16. Use Clamps

Let’s take the idea of pinching and put it on steroids. Clamps take the concept to an extreme. Most clamps are intended for nipples, but there are also clit clamps on the market. There are a variety of styles to choose from based on just how much pain you want to inflict. Some even have weighted attachments for extra fun.

17. Create A Sex Tape

This can be for your eyes only, or you can choose to stream live on a webcam site. The very act of filming you and your partner having sex can take the libido into overdrive. Toy with different angles and different positions, and even watch back a few scenes to see what you and your partner look like in the act. At the end of the night, do what you want with the tape or watch it before your next sexual romp.

18. Do It In Front Of A Mirror

The next time you’re looking to have a bit of rough sex, lead your partner to a mirror and watch yourselves having sex. As a woman, you can allow them to enter you from behind or each around and stimulate your clitoris. You’ll get to watch them enjoying themselves, and they’ll get to see you from the back and front. It is also good to lean a mirror next to your bed so you both can watch as you go at it from different positions.

19. Pre-Game with Mutual Masturbation

This requires a bit of boldness, but as a form of foreplay before rough sex, let your partner watch you masturbate as you watch them. Stare straight into their eyes as you pleasure yourself. It won’t be long before they’re begging you to let them take over, or you’re doing the same.

20. Watch Porn Together

Want a great precursor to rough sex? How about an excellent soundtrack to some serious thrusting? Show each other your favourite porn videos and touch one another as the couple on the screen goes at it. Odds are, you’ll be trying out some rough new positions as the moaning in the background sets the mood for some ultra sexy rough play.

Find What You Like
Remember, rough sex can be fun and totally enthralling, but you’ll need to find what you like. Not every idea on this list will work for every couple! Experiment and see what works. You never know what might turn you on!

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Exploring rough sex can be an exciting way to deepen intimacy and add a thrilling edge to your relationship. However, it’s important to ensure mutual consent, trust, and open communication before diving into any rough play. Here are 20 rough sex ideas to spice up your intimate moments:

  1. Hair Pulling: Gently pulling your partner’s hair can heighten sensations and add a touch of dominance.
  2. Spanking: Use your hand or a paddle to deliver playful spanks, focusing on the fleshy part of the buttocks.
  3. Choking: Lightly applying pressure to your partner’s neck can intensify arousal. Always ensure they can breathe and communicate.
  4. Biting: Nibbling or biting sensitive areas like the neck, shoulders, or inner thighs can send shivers down the spine.
  5. Rough Oral Sex: Use your hands to guide your partner’s head or be a bit more forceful with thrusts.
  6. Dirty Talk: Incorporate commanding or explicit language to set the mood and enhance the experience.
  7. Slapping: Light slaps on the face, chest, or thighs can be incredibly stimulating, but always gauge your partner’s comfort level.
  8. Pinning Down: Hold your partner’s wrists above their head or pin them down to the bed to establish dominance.
  9. Use Restraints: Incorporate handcuffs, ropes, or ties to restrict movement and heighten anticipation.
  10. Rough Thrusting: Increase the intensity and depth of your thrusts, paying attention to your partner’s reactions.
  11. Over-the-Knee Spanking: Place your partner over your knee for a classic, intimate spanking session.
  12. Hair Ties: Use hair ties to bind your partner’s hands or feet together for a playful twist.
  13. Forced Orgasms: Use a vibrator or other toy to bring your partner to climax repeatedly, even after they’ve orgasmed.
  14. Edging: Bring your partner close to orgasm and then stop, repeating this process to build intense pleasure.
  15. Face Sitting: Straddle your partner’s face and take control of the pace and pressure.
  16. Rough Kissing: Use more forceful and passionate kissing, incorporating biting and sucking.
  17. Impact Play: Use tools like floggers, whips, or crops to deliver sensations ranging from mild to intense.
  18. Dom/Sub Roles: Embrace dominant and submissive roles, establishing clear rules and boundaries beforehand.
  19. Clothing Control: Tear or cut your partner’s clothes off for an intense and primal experience.
  20. Forced Exposure: Blindfold your partner and expose them to different sensations and surprises, keeping them on edge.

Remember, the key to enjoying rough sex is mutual consent and constant communication. Check in with your partner frequently to ensure both of you are comfortable and enjoying the experience.


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