I am sure all of you would agree with a fact that sometimes our relationships get a little predictable. You know each other, you love each other, and you feel like you’ve been together forever or even longer. You enjoy great sex, but it has now become a little routine and routine is definitely boring. Isn’t it? It can be difficult to work up much enthusiasm for even the absolute most amazing toe-curling sex, if it’s exactly the same every single time.

So if you are someone who is bored with this routine sex life and is looking for some ways to make things exciting again in bed then, here are some tips to get started that are guaranteed to spice up the passion in your bedroom so you can fall in love with your honey all over again.

20 New Things to Try in Bed…

1. Seduce Your Lover – This is something that always works when it comes to sex and make things sexier and hotter. Seduce your partner, tell them how you feel for them, how their one touch makes you go crazy. Undress each other and remember to do it slowly. Make your partner crave for more and then indulge in some intense lovemaking.

2. Wear something seductive – We often ignore this factor, but how you dress up and present yourself in front of your partner is really important. You can turn on your partner in seconds by wearing something seductive. Wear a new set of underwear or sexy lingerie and try a red hot lipstick. This will definitely bring new energy and spark to your sex life.

3. Try out Lube – Believe it or not, but a little bit of quality lube can completely change the way you have sex. So take a break from your routine sex and try a quality lubricant that provides you immense pleasure, increases the sensitivity, as well as protect the condoms from splitting. Try it out, both you and your partner is going to love it.

4. Light Bondage – This is something that instantly heats up your sex life. You don’t have to go for chains and whips, as a simple satin cloth or handcuff is enough to tie your partner to the bed. For more drama and passion, you can try blindfolding your partner. In fact, it is advisable to take turns. Let your partner play the dominant role once in a while.

5. Kama Sutra – Kama Sutra is one such book that can spice up your sex life and can teach you hundreds of new positions to try out with your partner every day. This book can really teach you a lot of new positions that not many people know. So bring this book home today and figure out which position, you want to try out tonight with your honey.

6. Massage each otherMassaging your partner’s body is something that you should definitely try once in bed and trust me, your partner is going to love you for this sweet gesture. Use flavored or scented massage oils. The exotic fragrance of the oil will blow your lover’s mind. You never know, you both indulge in some great sex afterwards.

7. Play some music and striptease – Not many people accept this, but everyone dreams about a nice and sexy striptease, right? So, grab the chance and make your partner’s wish come true and play a nice sensuous music and do a little striptease to make your partner go crazy for you. Even guys should try their luck and do striptease for their ladylove.

8. Anal Beads – Though not everyone is comfortable with using anal beads, but anal beads can really help you to have fantastic orgasms, mainly guys. These beads work as a great stimulator for guys and fill their mind with ecstasy and pleasure.

9. Indulge in Foreplay – A good foreplay is all you need to turn on your partner or to get back the excitement and romance in your sex life. So stop jumping straight to sex and tease your partner a little, talk naughty, and move on to give your partner a good oral sex. To make it more exciting, eat some crushed ice or drink warm tea before giving a blowjob. You will get something really good in return for this act.

10. Go for Role Playing – Sometimes it is good to behave as someone you are not. It does not only help you and your partner to take a break from the monotonous life, but it also helps you both to reveal your different sides. So let your girl play a sexy nurse or you play a naughty doctor- the choice is all yours.

11. Whipped Creams – You must be thinking what whipped creams has to do with sex. But yes, Whipped creams are great when it comes to sex. Take a whipped cream can and spray it on some parts of your body so that your partner can lick it. This will help you both to indulge in a passionate sex. You can also use it while giving your partner a blowjob. He will never forget this experience!

12. Vibrators – There is one misconception about vibrators that they are only meant for women, but this is not completely true. Vibrators work great for guys too. Well, if you want to know how, then take a vibrator, turn on the lowest settings and place it against your guy’s scrotum as you give him a blow job. It is really hard to express in words how much your partner will enjoy this. In fact, you can also allow him to use the vibrator on you to enjoy a great orgasm. The use of vibrators helps in keeping the foreplay longer, and helps you both enjoy a great sex later.

13. Feather Ticklers – Using a feather tickler on your lover’s body is something that can instantly stimulate your partner’s senses to their full potential. A feather tickler is a device that can be used for gentle sensory titillation. Feather ticklers are quite popular among couples as they are non-intimidating, very easy to use as well as heightens sensitivity and pleasure. So get a good feather tickler for your partner for stimulating her senses and to enjoy the more satisfying sexual experience.

14. Honey Dust – Well, in case you are wondering what honey dust is, then it is an edible sexual powder made by the brand Kama Sutra. Yes, the same brand that we have mentioned above. But honey dust is a powder that you can dust on your lover’s body and lick it off. It is also a great alternative for also those who find whipped cream and oils messy. You will also get a free feather tickler with this amazing honey dust powder.

15. Watch Porn together – Watching porn is not something that you should watch alone. Even girls also enjoy watching porn. So share the idea with your partner and let her pick the porn of her choice. The only thing that you need to remember is that do not go for rough or aggressive porn as it can irritate her and can make your whole plan flop.

16. Act a little Kinky – Explore new sides of your sexuality and try out something that you haven’t done before. Indulge into some erotic and passionate lovemaking. Try out something wild and raunchy that you both enjoy. Sweet, super-loving and tender love making is fine, but sometimes trying out a little dirty sex with your partner can also do wonders. But make sure that your partner is comfortable in doing rough and wild sex.

17. Be more expressive – It is always good to tell your partner how you feel when they touch you or kiss you. In fact, for good sex, you must tell your partner what you like and enjoys more doing. Though sometimes you don’t find it easy to tell them, but you can do that by using your voice to make the sound to tell them that you are enjoying their moves.

18. Be a Little Selfish – It is okay to be a little selfish and asking for something you want. After all, we all need a sexual satisfaction and if you think you need anything from your partner to reach the climax. Ask for it!

19. Let your sex evolve with age – It is a big fact that as we grow older, our relationship also grows and lots of changes take place around you. What increases is expectations. But if you keep expecting your sex life to be same as it was 10 years back, then you are definitely making a mistake and spoiling your present sex life. So be open and speak about it with your partner and let your sex evolve with age.

20. Make some serious Love – It is always important to make your partner feel loved. This is something that you can’t fake. So make some love seriously, by making a small sweet gestures like kissing on her necks, playing gently with her hair, enjoy some cuddling. You can also enjoy some intense love making. Try out these amazing new things with your partner and see the difference yourself.

Now you got some fresh ideas to try. Go and bring the spark back to your romance 🙂 and if you still don’t know what men want in bed we’ve got you covered.


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