There are a lot of things that women do and say that emasculate their men without even realizing it. If you want to make sure that your partner feels like a man, you will definitely need to review the following things.

1. Not letting him have any female friends
Even if you are the jealous type, it is still important to let your man have female friends. It is crucial that you trust your man, because otherwise he won’t be happy in the relationship. Not letting your man hang out with female friends once in a while will emasculate him in the worst possible way.

2. You make fun of his hobbies
The last thing that you want to do is make fun of your man’s hobbies, no matter what they are. Whether it is as lame as collecting coins or something else entirely, you should encourage his hobbies or at the very least don’t say anything about them at all. Ideally you should try to get yourself involved and take an active interest in the things he likes to do.

3. You question the compliments he gives you
Another way that women sometimes emasculate the men they are with is by constantly questioning the compliments they are given. If your man tells you that your hair looks nice or something else, it’s important that you accept the compliment outright. This is a great way to encourage your man’s masculinity. It will make him happy that you just accept the compliments he gives you.

4. You insist on performing all domestic chores
While some women think that their men want them to do all of the domestic work around the house, this isn’t true anymore. A lot of men can actually feel quite emasculated by not having any physical tasks to perform, so you will therefore want to avoid doing this. You don’t necessarily have to insist that he do everything, but you don’t want to be selfish either. A man wants to feel like he is taking care of his woman, and part of that means doing these kinds of tasks.

5. You rely on him to make you happy
You definitely don’t want to rely on your man to fulfill all of your needs and make you happy, because ultimately happiness comes from within. Make sure that you keep yourself busy with your own hobbies and friends so that you don’t rely too heavily on one person to make you happy. In the end you will be glad you follow this tip, if for no other reason than you will feel more independent.

6. You tend to be very bossy
A vast majority of men simply do not want a woman who is too bossy or controlling, because it can be seriously emasculating. Make sure that you don’t give your man too many demands, because he is going to get tired of it real quick. Men typically don’t like to be bossed around, especially by the woman they are with.

7. You try to fix all of his problems for him
Whatever you do, you will not want to try to fix all of your man’s problems for him. Part of feeling strong and masculine means fixing your own problems, and that is exactly what men like to do. Although it may be tempting to help your man out with everything all the time, you will need to resist the urge.

8. You Fake it in the Bedroom
One of the worst things that you can do when it comes to emasculating the guy you are with is to fake it in the bedroom. There is almost nothing that a guy hates more than this, so you will need to remember that no matter what. It is crucial that you are genuine in the bedroom in every possible way. This will make your man really feel like a man, which is incredibly important. Every man wants to be able to please his woman in the bedroom, and chances are he will know you are faking it.

9. You always tell him to hold your purse
Men generally hate being told to hold their woman’s purse, so you will therefore want to avoid doing this altogether. It is incredibly emasculating for your man to stand around holding a woman’s purse, so make sure that you just don’t do this ever.

10. Laugh at how much he makes
If you want to avoid emasculating your man, make sure that you don’t make him feel self-conscious about the amount of money he brings home from his job, even if it isn’t all that much. You should always make a conscious effort to boost your man’s self-esteem, which means not scoffing at how much he makes or doesn’t make.

11. Compare him to other men in a negative way
Never draw any comparisons between your man and other men in a negative way, because it is only going to make him feel bad. It’s find to compare him to other men if the comparison is positive in some way.

12. Doubt his ability to get things done
You will want to avoid doubting your man’s ability to get anything done, whether it is fixing the washing machine or getting a promotion at work. You should always make it your goal to prop your man up, not put him down.

13. Yell at him
It doesn’t matter how bad you get at him, you should never yell. Yelling at your man will only serve to annoy and emasculate him.

14. Flirt with other men in front of him
Do not flirt with any other men, especially if it’s right in front of him. This is just plain rude, and it will definitely make your man feel lesser overall.

15. Downplay his Achievements
Whenever your man achieves something, even if it seems relatively small, it’s important that you build him up and make him feel good about it. Every little achievement in life counts, so you will want to make a point of reminding him of that every chance you get.


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