Sometimes it can be challenging to know whether or not a guy really has feelings for you. There are certain guys who are better at others at concealing the way they feel about girls. When you are able to recognize these signs, you’ll be able to decide how to proceed. You might just be surprised at how many guys in your life want to be more than just friends.

1. He Does Things to Impress You
One of the most common signs that a guy has feelings for a girl is that he goes out of his way to impress her. This could mean speaking in another language he is fluent in, or perhaps helping you take care of some task that you need done. This is his way of trying to get in your good graces because he is interested in you romantically.

2. He’s Always up for Hanging Out
Does it seem like he is always up for spending time with you? If so, it could very well be due to his having feelings for you. Everyone wants to spend as much time as possible with people they have a crush on. He probably jumps at the chance to do just about anything with you. This eagerness is a clear sign that he wants to be more than just friends.

3. He Doesn’t Mention Other Women
If he never seems to bring up other women, even friends of his, it’s probably because he is trying to win you over. This is him trying to not ruin any chances he might have of dating you. He wants you to know that you are the only woman that he is interested in. The more you think about this and look for it, the more obvious it becomes. It is still pretty sweet and thoughtful nonetheless.

4. He’s Okay with You Meeting his Friends
Most guys who have feelings for a girl are totally open to having her spend time with him and his friends. If he has invited you to tag along on trips with him and his buddies, there is a strong possibility that he has feelings for you.

5. He Makes a Point of Telling You He is Single
A lot of guys who are trying to win over a girl they like make a special point of letting them know they aren’t currently dating anyone. If he has mentioned this to you more than once, there is probably a good reason. You will definitely want to take notice of this, because it is definitely a sign that romance is in the air.

6. His Body Language if Flirtatious
There are certain things that people do with their bodies around those they have feelings for. This ranges from just making eye contact when talking to a gentle hand on the person’s leg. It is very important that you pay close attention to this.

7. He Pulls Away When You Bring Up Other Guys
If there is a certain guy in your life that seems to get quiet and pulls away when you mention other guys, it is probably due to jealously. Nobody likes to hear their crush talking about people of the opposite sex, especially in a romantic context. This is a classic jealous reaction that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. There is nothing wrong with a little jealousy, as long as he isn’t too immature about it.

8. He’s Giving You Mixed Signals
It is also fairly common for a guy who likes a girl to give her mixed signals. This can be confusing and frustrating, but there is a reason behind it. A lot of guys don’t want to come off as being too needy or desperate, so they sometimes pull away. He might also do this because he is just afraid of getting rejected. A fear of rejection is common among both men and women, but it can be confusing for the other person. Some guys have problems moving beyond a certain point when they like a girl for this precise reason.

9. He Acts Nervously Around You
If you have noticed a guy in your life acting nervously around you, it could be due to his having feelings for you. This is another common thing that people do when they are in the presence of someone they have a crush on. You have probably noticed him tripping all over his words and fumbling around.

10. He Follows Your Lead
Sometimes people who like someone mirror the other person without even thinking about it. As strange as this might sound, it is definitely a thing. Next time you are with them, pay close attention to see what he does when you change your posture. Does he mimic what you are doing? If so, it is fairly likely that he’s interested in taking things to the next level with you.

11. He Remembers Things You Tell Him
When a guy has strong romantic feelings for a girl, he tends to remember just about everything she tells him. Have you noticed him bringing up things that you said to him in the past? If so, it is because he is paying very close attention. In this case there is a strong possibility that he is interested in being way more than just friends with you.

12. He Puts a lot of Effort into his Appearance
Does he always seem to look his best whenever you see him? It could very well be because he is trying to impress you. There is a good chance that he probably doesn’t always look quite so dashing, such as when he just hanging out with his friends. If it seems like he is making a special effort with his appearance, it’s most likely due to his feelings for you. This is a classic sign that a guy likes a girl but just hasn’t had the nerve to tell her yet.


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