Girls are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creatures made by God which make it really hard for men not to fall in love with them. But not all men fall for all women. It has been noticed that men have always shown a soft corner for a girl who they think is in trouble or is helpless. No matter how much they try, it is really hard for some men not to fall for a damsel in distress. Though the reasons may vary from man to man, nobody can deny the fact that guys do have some kind of obsession with such girls.

A damsel in distress means a girl in need, and it is clearly very easy for any man to woo a woman by helping her and providing her a shoulder to cry on. As we all know, when in trouble, everyone needs help and support. So it is quite obvious for men to fall for a girl in need.

Below, we are listing the top 12 reasons why men so often and quickly fall for a damsel in distress:

Why Men Fall For Damsels In Distress?

1. Men find such women easy to please: Well, it is one big truth that when a woman is in need or is upset about something, there are certain things that she wants to hear, and saying those things can easily help you win a girl. So, it is basically very easy to please a girl who is sad and looking for someone to help her. All you need to do is say things that can help her come out of the situation she is in, and she will be all yours. Yes, it is that easy! Do you now know why men fall so quickly for damsels in distress?

2. They make them feel like men: Helping a girl in need itself feels like an achievement and fills your mind and body with good thoughts. And I don’t think there will be any man who would want to miss this golden chance of getting so much attention and respect. All men love attention and respect. This becomes one of the reasons why it is so easy for men to fall for a girl who needs support, care and love. After all, who can miss a chance to feel more macho and manly?

3. They can be easily approached: Approaching a girl who is already seeking someone to share her sadness and problems with is not a big deal. This is one such chance that I am sure no guy wants to miss. To approach a damsel in distress, all you need to do is provide her a helping hand and help her with whatever problem she is dealing with, and you are in. Yes, approaching a damsel in distress is that easy and proves why men so easily fall for those women. So maybe you can try your luck with them and might result in finding the love of your life.

4. They can be dominated: Rescuing a woman in need is, undoubtedly, one of the most appealing things to do for men. When any guy helps a girl in trouble, he does not only win her respect, but also creates a special place in her life – a place that she cannot otherwise think of giving to anyone else. This makes her completely devote herself to the guy and give him an opportunity to feel like a knight in shining armor. When you win a woman’s heart by helping her in need, it also indicates that she can be easily dominated due to the blind faith and respect that she has for you.

5. They feel empathy towards them: As they say, men cannot see women in tears, and when they do see one in tears, they try everything to help her out. This is also one of the reasons why men fall for damsels in distress. Men might look stiff and hard from the outside, but they have a soft side too, and are as emotional and soft as women from the inside. So it is quite natural for a man to help a woman when he sees her in tears or in need which proves men do feel empathy towards helpless women and easily fall for them.

6. Dating such women helps men boost their ego: It is not wrong to say that when a guy gets a woman in his life who trusts him blindly and looks up to him for everything, then it really helps him to become confident as well as boost his self-esteem. No matter where they are and what they do, they know this girl is always going to be on his side. This feeling itself is enough to make any man feel proud and helps them in boosting their ego.

7. Women are generally ready to bow to their knight in shining armors: Men usually think that if they help a woman in need, she would be ready to return the favor in the form of any “masculine” help they might need. They usually take it for granted that since they are helping a woman, the woman is “honor-bound” to return the favor and they would naturally expect things in return rather quickly.

8. Men feel that this is the norm: Thanks to the popularity of superhero movies, men tend to believe that they are supposed to protect the women. Therefore, when they meet damsels in distress, they have the urge to help them and be their savior. Moreover, they grow up watching shows like Cinderella and Snow White where men are portrayed as the defender of women who would go to any extent to prove their masculinity and protect their women.

9. Men can be in long-term relationships when they are dating a damsel in distress: Since damsel in distress makes them feel more like a man and boost their ego, it is easier for them to stay with such women for a longer period. They constantly feel that they need to protect their partner and take decisions for them. This makes them feel more like a man, so they don’t mind being in such relationship for a longer period.

10. Damsels in Distress make men feel like they are wanted or needed: Since such women always get into trouble, it gives men a purpose in life. They know that they need to protect this woman from all the troubles. It gives them a purpose that is outside of their regular schedule. A sense of responsibility and belongingness make men feel important and needed. This is the reason they like to be in a long-term relationship with a damsel in distress. Such relationships are more likely to last longer.

11. Damsels in distress are low-maintenance: Women who are going through a tough patch in their lives are usually easy to please. A man does not have to do much to ensure a woman’s happiness at this point. “Understanding” her plight and what she is going through is, more often than not, all that is required to make the relationship survive. All that is needed by men is an ounce of sympathy and a drizzle of common sense. Voila, you have the perfect relationship that would make you feel like the king of the world.

12. Men know how to stereotype: Since a very early age, men have been conditioned to “save” women from all known and unknown dangers irrespective of the fact that they need to be saved or not. So whenever they see a damsel in distress, it’s as if a light bulb switches on in their heads and they zero in on the target. It’s not planned, but something that comes naturally to them as it is what they’ve been taught to do. But then again, it is not too bad as long as it leads them to find the love of their lives. Falling for damsels in distress is easy, and it actually guarantees a long term relationship too. So why not?


It’s safe to say that we’ve been seeing the typical “man sees a helpless woman – man saves her” scenario for as long as we remember since times immemorial. It has been established since the birth of the urban legends that men are simply incapable of leaving a damsel in distress alone and this will continue to be the norm. Whatever be the reason, it is apparent that when a man approaches a damsel in distress to “pacify” and “console” her, that’s when the proverbial shit hits the fan, and everything goes awry.

Nevertheless, men tend to fall for damsels in distress because it not only boosts their ego, but also gives them hope that the relationship would last forever. So guys what are you waiting for? Find a woman who needs a shoulder to shed her tears on and live happily ever after!

Just keep the points mentioned above in mind, and you are already on your way towards a fulfilling relationship with a damsel in distress.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.


  1. I think it’s mostly because men view damsels in distress as vulnerable girls who will fall for him.

  2. ‘Damsels in distress are easy to please’… maybe for a little while. But I’ve observed these damsels. They usually go from one distress to another. Pretty much constantly. If a guy wants continual drama in his life, then go for it. Of course the guy doesn’t see that initially usually. Also if this said damsel is looking for her knight in shining armor to be her savior, well he’s only human an not meant to be anyone’s constant savior. Can get old really fast. Again though, that may not hit the guy till years down the road.

    • This article tells women to be submissive so men can feel big and strong. It’s not saying that men are taking advantage, it’s telling women to act weak.

  3. Wow! Somebody has a deep distrust or hate for men. Why do you portrait men in general as predators and the damsel in distress as a woman with a problem that is easy prey for such terrible men? Has it ever occurred to you that there are plenty of men out there that are willing to do a random act of kindness expecting absolutely nothing in return? Should I be afraid of helping a damsel in distress thinking that I will be seen as an asshole that only wants to get in her pants? I respectfully disagree with your view! While there is plenty of men out there guilty of what you just wrote, we men are also capable of having a heart and acting selflessly expecting nothing in return and feeling secure enough about our manliness with or without an act of chivalry! Good day Ma’am!

    • I was a damsel in distress. I actually fell for the guy. He did for me. Yet we were completely opposite in our views so we were not compatible. Yet I won’t ever forget him. If I knew the right woman for him I would introduce him. My friend met her husband asking for directions. Another woman met her husband having a flat tire on the freeway.
      It really is a very powerful fantasy (believe me because I experienced it) However I agree with you a nice guy would want to help anyone whether she was attracted to her or not. Unfortunately it’s still a very bad world out there. Women still have to fear rape and assault. Men were physically created to be stronger then women. It’s just the way it is. If a guy helped out a unattractive obese woman he would be the one I would want. I think if a woman is always a damsel in distress it could get very old very quickly. I want to make a guy feel masculine as I would hope he wanted to encourage me being feminine. I don’t feel weak to need help from a man. Actually I would only want a man who would make me feel safe and protected. It’s part of being a man. I’m not interested in changing the gender roles. Guys can need women too but in different ways. Actually seeing how powerful the fantasy is I am going to try and recreate one with a guy I like. Everyone wants to feel needed.

    • I really adore your perspective. You sound like a real man, not the testosterone-filled, insecure guy who is so obsessed with” feeling like a man” that he needs his special somebody to patch his fragile ego up.

  4. You are correct that’s exactly what it’s saying if you’re single and having a hard time finding somebody you need to act weak and act like you need someone and that will make men more interested. I know it to be true because guys try to to hit on me but when I had surgery on my foot and had one foot in a boot, I had more guys try to talk and flirt with me at that time then I do the whole rest of the year put together. It was crazy and it made me wonder it seems like guys like You When You’re vulnerable or when you need assistance

  5. Bostin Skyline Reply

    Hopefully once a man experiences this type of woman he will realize it is not a healthy relationship. Men who do not seek a strong independent woman is weak himseld lacking confidence.

  6. This article is stupid. I get that men like feeling they can help a woman, but the way its written makes it seem that women are only attractive to men when we are in a weak or vulnerable position. There have to be men out there that find hardworking, strong women attractive. That damsel in distress act gets old real quick. While I will say this seems to be more and more true from personal experience. When I’ve been weak and vulnerable in the past men flocked to me, and I felt insecure and less attractive about myself. Now, being older and mature, and more confident in my inner and outer appearance, I get hit on less, or the least I get hit on but once they get to know and see that I am self-sufficient they stop talking to me. Men go for the damsel in distress because it feeds his very fragile ego which is not women’s problem.

    • Kelly Dinh Reply

      yessssssssssssssssssssssss finally one person who has the same perspective as i

      • i think those men are so insecure that he needs extra” masculinity” to “feel like a man”. A real man does not care that much about his already inflated ego, does he?

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