There are certain things that every woman should try at least once with her man in the bedroom. It is important to be spontaneous and adventurous in the bedroom so you can keep things interesting. In this article you will find some sexy and steamy suggestions that can really spice things up between you and your guy. One of the reasons that so many couples struggle with maintaining a healthy sex life is because they limit themselves. It is crucial to remain open-minded to new things in bed throughout the years.

11 Things To Try In Bed At Least Once:

Blindfold Him
Believe it or not, a lot of guys love it when girls blindfold them. Cover up his eyes with a scarf or tie and run your lips and tongue all over his body. If you are feeling particularly kinky, you can always try tying him to the bed lightly. This loss of control can be a huge turn-on for many guys. It could be exactly what you need to jumpstart your sex life if it’s been in a slump lately.

Edible Naughtiness
You should also try licking some whipped cream or chocolate (or both!) off your man in bed. This can provide you with both kinds of sweet and delicious treats at once. This can get a little messy, so remember to use a liberal amount of whatever you choose to lick off him. Make sure that it’s also something that you really enjoy the taste of, as it will make you more enthusiastic.

Masturbate for Him
Just having him watch you masturbate in bed can do wonders for turning him on in a big way. Lots of guys enjoy this, and it will bring out his voyeuristic side. This can be a great way to get him worked up and more than ready for sex. The hornier he gets before you start doing it, the more passionate he will likely be. Think of this as being something that can both bring you a ton of pleasure in more than just one way.

Naked Yoga
While it might sound kind of strange, doing naked yoga together in bed or even the living room can be a wonderful prelude to sex. It will help you center your minds and bodies, which is important for making love. Yoga is something that a lot of people do to clear their minds and become healthier, both physically and emotionally. There is also a spiritual component to it for many people. Doing yoga naked will add an overtly erotic element that should get both of you really turned on quick.

Talk Dirty
Talking dirty to each other in the bedroom is something else that you definitely want to try out at some point. This can be awkward at first, but a lot of couples really get into it after a while. It affords you the opportunity to get creative with what you say. It adds an element of naughtiness to your sex that can make it so much hotter overall.

No Touching
Tell him that he isn’t allowed to touch himself until you say so. You might even want to tie his hands behind his back just in case his temptation overwhelms him. This can really build up the anticipation to the point where he feels like he is going to explode. It is an excellent way to make the sex more enjoyable for you and the men you are with in bed. He might be a little resistant to try it at first, but it only takes one time to get hooked.

Naked Full Body Massages
A naked full body massage can be incredibly erotic and stimulating to the senses. You can take turns giving each other all-over rubdowns. This will allow you to explore each other’s bodies in a very intimate and sexy way. It is a form of foreplay that can be even hotter than using your genitals. Make sure to use some oil that quickly warms up to enhance both of your experiences.

Get Rough
Rough sex is something that appeals more to some than others, but it’s something everyone should try out at some point. Getting rough with each other in the bedroom can be very hot, but you have to be careful. It is particularly important for the guy to be careful when getting rough with the girl. But if you are a girl, you can feel free to do this without having to worry quite as much. It can make your sex sessions a lot hotter, sweatier, and more intense overall. Push yourself beyond where you are comfortable for the sake of experimentation if nothing else.

Rimming is the act of using your tongue on your partner’s anus, and it can be very enjoyable. This is something that a lot of guys are hesitant to let girls do, and not all girls are comfortable with doing it. If you can manage to open your mind enough, it can make for a really great time. You will both most likely be surprised at just how much you really enjoy it.

Light Choking
When your man is inside you pounding away, have him choke you ever so slightly. This can increase physical arousal, but it has to be done very carefully. Make sure that you tell him not to do it too hard, because you could pass out from lack of oxygen.

Threesomes can make for some truly incredible sex, but you have to find the right person to do it with. If you are in a relationship, make sure that you both trust each other completely and are 100% okay with doing it.


When you make an effort to try new things in the bedroom with your men, you will be able to get more enjoyable out of sex as a whole. There are probably tons of things that you love but just don’t realize because you haven’t tried them yet.


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