A hug is a kind of gesture. It is an expression of warmth and shows your gratitude for someone that how much you worry and look for them. Hugs are the best way to express your love when words fail to describe. It is an indication of trust and control in your life.

There is a thin curtain between intellectual hugs and something more. There are different sort of hug which has different meanings at a different time. Hugging a person means something else and hugging then avoiding means something else. Each hug bears a meaning, which you must know. Because a woman hug has numerous meanings, so it becomes important to know about it.

Here is the list of ten types of hugs with their meanings; it will definitely help you to figure out what it actually means and how to step forward in a relationship:

10 Types Of Hugs A Woman Gives And What It Actually Means:


Most famous and successful way to show affection is a Warm Hug. It is not necessary that you both are close friends; it is a gesture for showing the nature of care for each other. Hugging is an act between holding hands and Kissing. Women are most touchy feel persons, a warm hug makes them feel happy. Words cannot do what a warm hug can do and express. It is beyond the words. It is not too short or long or tight, it is just genuine. A warm hug from a woman makes you feel happy and it means a lot. A warm hug is a way to convey fondness, affection, love and care. These types of hugs are without any bad and ulterior motive.


It is that type of hug which is formal and given at meetings, events, parties and special functions, etc. It is a simple hug given by her that show courtesy and for the sake of social etiquette. This is only for hug’s sake, nothing else. It is a way of hug in which she is hugging you, but without touching you. If you are, out on a date with her and she gives you a polite hug that means she is not interested in you and does not want to go out with you again. Therefore, it means polite hug is just a simple, formal hug like a hello hug given by her. The interesting thing is, it ends with a great smile.


The hug she reserves for a friend that is only for a friend. She hugs you in a manner that you feel; you are a very special friend to her. She never wants to let you go, and always want you next to her. She hugs you warmly or politely, rubs your back amicably. This is a really nice hug, which you can experience. Both feel an amazing friend zone between them and also the comfort, which they do not feel with anyone else. These types of hugs are very special and memorable that no one can forget.

THE (comfortable) BEAR HUG

There are different types of hugs, but the best hug in the entire world is the bear hug. This shows the closeness of two persons. Both partners hug each other the tightest ever until you knock the air out of each other and once you end up lifting the other. This occurs when two persons are fully comfortable with each other and have enough closeness between them. This is one huge squeeze of a hug. At the time, she just wants to keep hugging and never let you go with full love and no pretensions. She does this hug when you are extremely close to her. She even does not care if the hug messes her outfit. She just expresses her feelings with the tight bear hug.


Amongst all the hugs, this is the sweetest hug that every couple has. When she is very much tired and feels sleepy, she may lean doze off on your shoulder or your chest. You hold her as a sweet baby in your arms. She just wraps her arms around you and might express her feelings for you in a sleepy way or she might be unaware that you’re a human and not a pillow. She just wants you to grab her and rub her back softly. At this time, she is fully comfortable with you to fall asleep and enjoy your company. This simply shows her tremendous comfort level around you.


This is the most awkward hug. This often gives a symbol of sadness of the people, but this is not true always. The reality is the woman is not so social to give a hug. It seems an awkward thing for her to do. It indicates that she is very uncomfortable to give a hug. If she already know you and you are her friend from a long time, but she gives you this hug, then that means you have done something wrong with her. It’s not the time to think, it’s the time to act to make her feel delight and comfort. Also, if she is dating with you and gives you one-sided hug at the end of the date, then don’t expect the second one. Your chapter is closed!


Squeeze at the end is a wonderful gesture. Likewise, it demonstrates to you that she has affections for you undoubtedly. She certainly enjoys your presence and loves to meet you. Although squeezing would look flirty at the end, yet it’s the symbol of her attachment towards you. If she hugs you with a lovely smile, then you can expect the second meet as well. It’s not the romantic type of hug, but still, it’s a good sign. It lasts in few seconds but give an ultimate pleasure to both the partners. This may even express that she considers you just a friend and give a symbol of longtime friendship.

THE (Affectionate) FLIRTY HUG

Flirty Hug is the most adventurous and tempting hug, love birds preferred to give themselves. This is the perfect method of embracing a lover in which woman doesn’t grip, but aligned to man’s body to give him a perception of her beautiful body curves. Flirty hug helps lovebirds to come closer to each other by its seductive intimidating way. A woman keeps her hands down to enable man having a perfect grip around her body. Generally, women with beautiful curves prefer to give Flirty Hug. The people in relationship to express their love and ultimate feelings to their partner usually do this. This is two-sided hug and more than just an affectionate hug.


The passionate hug is somewhat serious. It is a great deal like a coquettish embrace. The woman gave this enthusiastic embrace at that time when she feels comfortable with a man around her at every place and they are not uncommon to each other. She’ll withdraw gradually, her hands waiting on you, her eyes stuck on you. It’s a signal that conveys sentimental craving as well as wistful connection. This simply means, she likes you the most and your presence gives her the extreme pleasure. This is not a hug you’ll overlook soon. You can’t just forget it! The passionate hug depicts that she cares for you the most and feels fully responsible for you. Her love depicts her feelings for you.


This hug occurs among the couples, mostly. A woman gives this hug when you are extremely special and close to her heart. She will wrap an arm around you and simply float away for quite a while. It’s a warm, friendly, lovable and most romantic hug. Cuddling hug clearly shows the deep affection and infatuation. Whenever a woman feels safe and secure with a man and both love each other, then she gives the cuddly hug to express her feelings towards him.

Final Words

The kind of hug clears about whether the woman wants to take the relationship to another level or wants to quit. Hugs are the most wonderful ways to express your deep feelings to another one. The type of hug can give you clear clues of the longevity of the relationship. The warm and comfortable hug removes long worries from the mind as well. The mind feels relaxed with a perfect hug and the other person feels relaxed that there is always someone who cares for him. It’s a sort of body language, which portrays the feelings of love, which words can’t describe.

There are numerous ways to depict the love via hugs, but the feeling of trust is always a necessity. Without trust, no relation can build up. When a girl hugs you politely with a squeeze, it means she likes you the most. Develop your love by giving a warm hug to your partner.


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  1. Thanks for the great post. And I believe Hug is to express a deep feeling.

  2. In reference to the one armed hug about there not being a second date. Well, of course there won’t be! Because most guys don’t want to be with a woman who’s a stiff.

  3. You need to add what kinds of smiles are at each hug ending. I need to know that for my lifetime please, as necessary as. water for me?

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    Thanks for the lessons on different types and ways to hug. I need more material on improving in living your spouse.

  5. I’m really close with a girl and she gives me a hug with out fail every time I see her I don’t know what it means but when I ask her out she says maby I don’t want things to be awkward but then she goes and tells people that she likes me and posts on Instagram a pic of me and the caption states “trying to get my best freind to love me” I’m so confused and I can’t stop thinking about her can’t get her out of my mind what does this mean.?

  6. Bruh, if you can’t stop thinking about her it means you like her, and she likes you, just start dating already lol

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