What is the main purpose of marriage? Two people start living together because they give each other love and happiness. But very often, after several years of married life, partners don’t feel that harmony anymore. There are different couples and the party at fault can be either a man or a woman, depending on a situation.

1. Spending too little time with her.
Every woman wants to get enough attention from her husband. She wants to feel emotionally connected with him and spending quality time together is the way she gets that emotional charge. It’s a huge mistake to deprive your woman of your attention. If you stay late at the office and choose to spend Friday evenings or weekends with your buddies at a bar, not with your spouse and children. If a woman stays alone for too long, she starts feeling isolated. You might think that she has her job, hobbies, and chores, so she never feels lonely. However, you should know that the biggest fear of any woman is to be abandoned. If your woman starts to notice that you are drifting away from her, she’ll try to take a revenge using the only means available to her – words. She’ll resort to nagging and sparring to attract your attention. If you set up your work and buddies over your family, you’re ruining your family.

2. Estranging.
It’s extremely important to keep intimacy, or closeness, in your relationship. Of course, you want to feel independent but you should remember that women need to feel an emotional connection. So, don’t close yourself up from your loved one. She wants to know what worries you, what makes you happy, and what irritates you. Share your concerns, dreams, and aspirations with her so that she knows what’s on your mind. Unlike men, women don’t tend to look for an immediate solution to the problem their interlocutor has just shared with them. They want to listen and comfort you showing their empathy. Apart from voicing your thoughts and feelings, maintain physical closeness – cuddle her often, kiss her in the morning and when you go to bed.

3. Coming up with a solution.
If a woman complains or pours out her heart to you, she does it just to relieve a burden. Usually, she doesn’t want to hear your advice. She wants to be heard and supported. Many men don’t understand it and start suggesting possible solutions even before their women finish their speech. But sometimes your wife may really want a solid piece of advice, so it’s better to ask her from the start whether she needs your ears or your help. The main thing here is to listen to her carefully – this what she wants from you.

4. Not admitting your fault.
If “sorry” seems to be the hardest word for you and your wife is always the one who makes the first step towards reconciliation, your relationship will suffer from this one-way street. Fights and conflicts are inevitable but your ability to solve them by making concessions can even benefit your relationship. The moment of reconciliation is the moment of overcoming your selfishness and stubbornness and getting closer with your partner. Remember that women view men’s apology, not as a sign of weakness. Your sincere “I’m sorry” will melt her heart and facilitate your relationship.

5. Not proving your love and attraction to her.
Women are very conscious of their appearances. Your woman wants to get constant proofs that you still find her attractive and desired. Nothing can hurt her self-esteem more than your random gazes at young beautiful girls passing you by. If she caught you flat-footed, don’t get aggressive, just reassure her that she is the only and the most beautiful woman in his life. Many men decide not to wear wedding rings and this decision really disappoints their wives. If a married man doesn’t wear a ring, his spouse thinks he wants to seem available. Don’t make your wife doubt your fidelity. Wear your wedding ring as a symbol of your commitment and love. When women feel insecure they start asking those question most men find annoying. If your woman asks you whether you love her or think she is beautiful, don’t blame her for asking childish questions. Say what she wants to hear.

6. Not giving her small presents.
It’s necessary to demonstrate your love and affection to your loved one even if you’ve been living together for years. One of the best ways to do it is to surprise your wife with small gifts. These should not be expensive presents. Your spouse will appreciate your gesture. The important thing is that your gift should be unexpected because if you bring it to make up for your fault, it won’t have that effect. Apart from particular items, give your spouse your attention – this is the best gift for women. Call or text her from your office to show she’s on your mind all the time. Make her feel special.

7. Neglecting your sex life.
Sex is another, more intimate, manifestation of your love and the quality of your relationship depends on the quality of your sex. Although you get physical, it’s important to maintain an emotional connection. That is why, practice foreplay, look for new ways to get excited, experiment to figure out what works better for each of you. At the same time, don’t make sex the only way you express your love. Compliment your wife, kiss, and hug her.

8. Keeping everything to yourself.
She wants to know why you’re sad or stressed out simply because she does care. If she sees there is something wrong with you but you don’t want to get it off your chest, she suffers because it makes her think she is not that important in your life. She wants your relationship to be based on trust, so open up before you ruin everything by your estrangement.

9. Don’t shift the blame onto her.
If you’re not very successful, don’t blame her for not inspiring you. If you cheated, don’t say her nagging made you do it. Indeed, these are your own choices and if they are wrong, you are the one to blame.

10. Marrying the wrong person.
During your dating stage, you get to know your woman better and then decide whether she’ll make a good match. Before proposing to her, make sure she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Pay attention to your interests, values, and plans. They should be similar.


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