If you have a history of striking out with guys, it could be time to get yourself a trusty wingwoman. Even women sometimes need help from their friends when it comes to scoring with guys, and it can be an extremely effective method to use.

Next time you go out drinking somewhere on the weekend, take one of your female friends with you. She can help you out by talking you up to guys, giving you the edge you need. This could make all the difference when it comes to finding Mr. Right.

1. You Have Trouble Identifying Guys Who Are Flirting with You

Plenty of women have trouble identifying when a guy is into them, and a wingwoman can be of great help. Chances are you have missed out on a number of opportunities to hook up with a guy simply because you didn’t see the signs. Another set of eyes from a trusted friend can really help with identifying guys who are interested in you so that you can respond accordingly.

2. You Choose Guys Who Aren’t Good for You

Another common problem that some women have is choosing the wrong guys, but a skilled wingwoman can help with steering you away from a potential disaster of a relationship. The fact is that sometimes you need that person to set you straight so you don’t make a huge mistake with the wrong guy. The last thing you want is to get involved with a guy who is only going to cause you trouble. Your friend can take you aside and give you some much-needed advice so you can actually find a guy who is good for you.

3. You Let Your Nerves Get in the Way of Flirting

Having a wingwoman by your side will ensure that you don’t let your nerves muck up your chances of scoring a cute guy with a great personality. A lot of women could use a friend to calm them down and give them a pep talk to ease their anxiousness. The less nervous you are when talking to a guy, the better your chances will be of something great happening between the two of you. A wingwoman can neutralize the tension between you and the guy you are interested in so the night goes as smoothly as possible.

4. You Have Trouble Making the First Move

Despite the tradition of guys making the first move, women should also definitely be willing and able to approach a guy they are interested in to chat them up. If you have a good wingwoman with you, you’ll probably have a much easier time doing this. Your wingwoman will be able to help you get started with engaging a guy you’ve had your eye on so that things aren’t quite as awkward. Once you start talking to him, things should begin flowing more naturally. Sometimes we just need that little bit of help from someone else.

5. You Don’t Want to Go it Alone

If you feel uncomfortable going out to a bar or club to meet guys by yourself, bringing along a friend for support can really help a lot. There are lots of people who just aren’t comfortable with going to these kinds of places solo, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. A wingwoman can provide you with a crutch to lean on if you need it and give you the confident to start mingling once you are there.

6. You’re Worried About Stolen Dates

Those who are worried about having a guy they are interested in stolen from them by another woman can really benefit from a wingwoman. When you have a trusted friend coming out with you to meet guys, you won’t have to be concerned about this at all. You will know that your friend won’t try to snatch up a guy you are clearly into. It’s always a good idea to look for female friends who are already attached so that this isn’t even remotely a possibility. The anxiety that comes from worrying about the competition when going out can ruin your whole experience.

7. You Haven’t Dated or Flirted in a While

If your flirting muscles could use some toning because it’s been a while since you’ve put yourself out there, it’s definitely a good idea to bring along a wingwoman to help you out. Your friend will be able to give you the encouragement support necessary to get back into the swing of things without any problems.

8. You Tend to Drink too Much When You Go Out

There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks to loosen yourself up when trying to meet guys in a social environment, but drinking too much can ruin your chances of scoring. Your wingwoman will keep you from getting sloppy drunk so that you can talk to guys without coming across as being obnoxious or desperate.

9. You Are Just Coming out of a Bad Relationship

A lot of women who are just coming out of a bad relationship and want to find themselves a good man can sometimes have issues with confidence. A wingwoman will be able to keep your spirits up and help you to get into the right mood from the very beginning.

10. You Don’t do Well Under Pressure

Being in a social situation where guys are checking you out can create quite a bit of pressure for many women. A wingwoman will reduce the amount of pressure you feel so you can feel free to just be yourself and let things happen naturally. Nothing good is going to come from feeling pressured in this type of situation.

The fact is that getting a wingwoman for when you go out on the town can be a great decision for many reasons. Make sure that you find someone you trust and who is good under pressure so that things will go in your favor.


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