Have you even wonder why men leave women? Perhaps you have been searching for an answer as to why your lover has chosen to leave the relationship. Well, this is indeed an important first step as understanding why is going to help you with your healing process, as well as give you valuable insight into what lead to breakup. Knowing this will help you with any future relationship you may have. The ten reasons listed below are not arranged in any particular order of importance.

1st Reason Why Men Leave Women
He is immature. Women mature on a scale much faster than men, and if a man has left because he “wants to date other people”, it could be because he hasn’t yet reached the level of maturity it takes to be in a serious relationship. His friends may be giving him a hard time about his spending most of his time with you, and he may still hold a lot of stock with their opinions. It’s probably less about you, and more about him wanting to hold onto his youthful lifestyle a bit longer.

2nd Reason Why Men Leave Women
You cheated on him. Men have larger egos than women, and if you have cheated on him, he may momentarily think that he just wasn’t good enough for you, or that the other guy was better. If his friends and family know that you cheated on him, he probably feels humiliated. This leads to anger and resentment on his part, and to protect his ego from further harm, he may you away and not want anything to do with you.

3rd Reason Why Men Leave Women
Lack of sex. Men have a stronger instinct to procreate then do women. If the woman in the relationship is putting off sex, (even if she has a good reason) the man may seek a different partner for sex. He may do this while still in the relationship, or he may end the relationship first, then look for another partner.

4th Reason Why Men Leave Women
He fears you will hinder his career. Sometimes men have goals in life they want to achieve that are not family oriented. Maybe he wants to work in an occupation that requires a move to another state, or maybe he believes his chosen career will precipitate a lifestyle that is not right for you. For instance, if he wants to be an artist, but he knows he won’t make much money for the first few years, he may be trying to hold onto his dream while sparing you the pain that comes with low income.

5th Reason Why Men Leave Women
Lack of communication. Men communicate differently than women. Women will hint at what they want, while men will take the more direct approach. This leads to many misunderstandings in any relationship. He may feel frustrated in trying to guess what you want, and figures it’s just easier to end the relationship rather than work on the communication issues.

6th Reason Why Do Men Leave Women
He still loves his ex girlfriend/wife. This one is the hardest to deal with. It’s possible he never had the same feelings for you that you have for him, and he was using you to take his mind off someone else. I know this hurts, but there is not much you can do in this situation except to accept it and move on with your life.

7th Reason Why Do Men Leave Women
Money problems. If you are both struggling to pay the bills, he may start blaming you for money problems. He may have rationalized in his head that it is you who wanted the new house or the new car, even if it was a joint decision. Men are very egotistical creatures, and by nature, they have a hard time accepting blame for anything.

8th Reason Why Do Men Leave Women
He’s having a mid-life crisis. (Older couples) Sometimes when a man approaches middle age, he mourns the loss of his youth. He may do something rash like buy a motorcycle or have an affair with a younger woman, because he is afraid to face old age and he needs to prove to himself that he is not getting old.

9th Reason Why Do Men Leave Women
His family doesn’t like you. Sometimes parents who never fulfilled their own dreams externalize their dreams upon their son. They may have a certain career or college in mind for him, and if they see you as a threat to their dreams, they may want to remove you from the picture. Also, if he is from a certain ethnic group, his parents may want him to marry someone from the same ethnic group or religion. This often goes hand in hand with reason #10.

10th Reason Why Do Men Leave Women
You both have different religious beliefs / ethnic backgrounds. He may love you, but fear that by staying with you he is betraying his religious beliefs. Religious beliefs are usually deep seeded, and you could both have been in a relationship for some time before his guilt sets in. If you are both from different ethnic groups, his family might have a prejudice against you. Families can exert a strong influence on their children. And if they don’t like you, it can cause problems.

Whether you want to rekindle an old romance or start a new one, now that you’ve read the “10 Reasons Why Men Leave Women”, you should be able to recognize early warning signs in your relationship. Although not all the reasons listed in here are easily reconciled , most of these problems can be headed off with a little communication.


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