The last thing you want is to eventually beat yourself up because you didn’t recognize the signs that a girl in your life had a crush on you but you were too blind to see them at the time. These signs can really help you out when it comes to spotting girls who have strong feelings for you so you can act accordingly. Sometimes these signs can be quite subtle, which is why it’s crucial for you to get this information before it is too late.

1. She Thinks You’re the Funniest Guy Ever

One of the telltale signs that a girl has a crush on you is that she laughs at your jokes without fail. While it may be true that you are funny, this particular girl laughs hysterically at some things you say that even you know are lame. Girls who want to get a guy to like them do this a lot, and it’s something that you will definitely need to be aware of when trying to assess the situation.

2. Her Face Turns Red Very Easily

If she seems to blush around you at the drop of a hat, there could be some secret feelings that she is hiding from you. Girls blush a lot around the guys they like, so this is one common sign that you will definitely want to watch out for. Just make sure that what you are seeing isn’t just her makeup, as this could be the case. Blushing is one of the bigger signs of having a crush on someone, so you will want to remember this.

3. She Keeps Trying to Get Close to You

When you are hanging out with her and other people, she keeps trying to sit next to you. It will be fairly easy to tell whether or not she is doing this on purpose. Any girl who keeps choosing to sit next to you in social situations over and over most likely has feelings for you. She will always try to get close to you wherever you are, and it should be fairly obvious. The need to be close to people we have a crush on is almost like there is an invisible force guiding our actions, and it’s mighty strong.

4. She Tries to Look Extra Pretty When She Sees You

If you have noticed that a certain girl keeps putting an extra bit of effort into her appearance when she knows she is going to see you, there is a good chance that she wants to be more than just friends. Most girls want to look good every day, but she always seem to make that extra little bit of effort. Sometimes this can come in the form of a new perfume, makeup or even a new hairstyle that is meant to impress you.

5. She Finds Different Ways to Tease You

Girls definitely love to tease guys, especially the ones they are interested in romantically. This is a perfectly normal part of flirtation, and it can be very obvious or more subtle depending on the girl. She might find different ways to push your buttons and get you worked up in one way or another. Just the fact that she knows exactly what to do to tease you means that you are already fairly close, but she wants to take it to the next level.

6. She Makes Excuses Just to See You or Talk to You

When a girl likes a guy, she will come up with any reason to talk to him and be around him. You have probably already noticed some of the flimsy excuses she makes as a pretext to see you, but it might only start to be making sense just now. If she comes over your place, she might leave something of hers like a scarf or sweater so she has an excuse to come back and see you again. This is a classic move executed by people who have a crush on someone.

7. She Pretends Not to be Interested

Playing hard to get is certainly nothing new, but it can be difficult for a lot of guys to pick up on at first. Sometimes she might ignore your texts or take a while to respond, but it’s only because she is really interested in you. If it seems like she is giving you mixed signals, it’s probably just because she is playing hard to get.

8. She’s Always Asking You Questions About Yourself

Another go-to move for those who have a crush on someone but don’t have the nerve to say anything is to ask questions to learn more about them. If there is a girl in your life that cannot seem to get enough information about you, the reason is probably that she wants to go out with you. Just make sure that you always answer her questions honestly.

9. She Tries to Break You Off from the Group

When you are hanging out with the girl and your mutual friends, she will probably try to break you off from the group for some alone time. If it’s one thing that people want with their crush, it is one-on-one time to talk and spend time with them. It might have seemed a bit strange at first, but deep down you knew the reason.

10. She Says It

The most obvious sign she has a crush on You is if she straight up says it to your face. Sometimes girls can be a bit subtle and beat around the bush when confessing their feelings to guys, so it will be up to you to listen carefully, read between the lines and respond appropriately.

Everyone has had a crush at one point in their lives, and being able to recognize the signs in someone else can be very helpful. Most people don’t just say how they feel when it comes to romantic feelings, so you will need to know the signs.


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