We all have goals that need to be achieved in our lives. In our work life, there are things we put forward to achieving. Financially, there is always that one or several things that you look forward to accomplishing. But what of our relationship life? Do we have its goals?

Relationship goals are vital for a budding relationship since they give it a new direction. Additionally, sharing same goals will put both partners in the same lane, and each will be able to know what exactly the other likes or dislikes. When you have common goals, you are able to know what is expected of you, and this will give your relationship a chance to survive the unpredictable love life. Here are 10 most inspiring relationship goals you can try out.

Open and honest communication


When a new relationship kicks off, it just a matter of getting to know your other half and spending time wondering if the relationship will survive the tides of time. In such times, it’s very easy for a new relationship to develop a communication glitch. Have you ever found yourself avoiding to text your partner until he/she initiates the conversation? The silent game can be played for weeks until either one decides to end it. This is where silly excuses start pouring in. “I was too busy to text.”

Were you busy the whole week? For any relationship to last, good communication is key.

Allow each other to spend some “alone” time


When you are in love, there is a likelihood that you want to spend a lot of time together. It’s not bad but don’t they say too much of something is poisonous? We all deserve some lonely time to think about other stuff. By giving your partner some free time, it’s a sign that you respect him/her. Just ensure you don’t keep on texting or calling to know what the other is doing. Spending some time away from each other can be quite helpful to both young and old relationships.

You will not just listen but hear too.


Many good relationships fail to live long because couples talk but they don’t understand each other. You can only listen to what is being said if you cast aside preconceptions. Fights can be stopped if partners can listen, hear and agree to disagree with each other.

Listening is as important as any other flavor that makes a good relationship. It paves way for learning. And learning can only be achieved if we choose to listen. If you partner has anything to say, hear them through. Stop interrupting them by thinking you already know what they are going to say.

You will talk about everything


However perfect a relationship looks, without openness, your future is likely to be dark. If sharing is caring, then you know talking about everything helps. The only way you can iron out issues is if you talk about them.

It’s very easy to pass an issue under the bridge if you suspect talking about it can lead to serious disagreement. But you must talk about it. If it finds its way up things won’t end well for the two of you. Learn to talk even about uncomfortable things and you will keep your relationship alive.

You will continue with your workout


Not so many people like making this their goal because it could pass a point that there is something they don’t like about their partners. That should not be the case. Is there anything wrong to improve your physical outlook?

Actually, when our physical outlooks improve, we tend to be loved more because we look attractive. Working out helps to keep us fit, and it’s, therefore, an inspiring goal. Do it together with your partner to improve each other’s confidence.

You will be each other’s best friend

If you are a wide reader of relationship books, you will realize that it is advised you become very good friends first before becoming lovers. Most plants have both tap root and fibrous roots. What does that mean? There must be something else to keep your relationship together should the romantic bonds get severed temporarily.

Friendship will help keep your relationship together when the tides are rough. You will need a friend to lean on. He/she is the only person you are comfortable to talk to about anything.

You will get along with your parents


Your parents come from different backgrounds and will, therefore, have different beliefs and traditions. Majorly, the husbands and their family members tend hold the mother in law regard. At times, they just don’t like them for no good reason.

Currently, it is necessary that both of you get along well with all your parents. This will help particularly during the family gatherings where petty embarrassments are likely to occur. Parents can bless or curse relationships by what they say.

You will hang with the other’s friends


We all have friends we love before we get into any relationship. It is our hope to keep these friends and that our loved ones will like them too. The moment you lover doesn’t like your friends; they will demand that you choose between them and your partner.

Make a point of getting to hang out with your partner’s friends, share coffee or watch a movie together and talk about anything. Being in love should not make you create an island of your own; you both need your friends.

You will continue to love each other to the end of your breath


Love is a key component of a happy and prosperous relationship. Once partners have stayed together for long, they tend to forget to express their love for one another. The once-bright flame begins to flicker.

Show your partner that you love them not by words only but by deeds. If you got home earlier from work, do some of her chores. Bring him anything he loves. Wake up early and get everything ready and wake him/her up. These are the little things that matter a lot.

You will support each other always

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Finally, let your partner know that you’ll always be there for him/her whenever he/she needs your support.

When we are setting our financial, educational and other goals, let’s not forget relationship goals. If our relationship life is okay, then everything else will fall into place.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.


  1. I hate playing the silly, silent game! I just hate it! I know plenty of women that seem to be ok with it for some strange reason (I personally don’t get it at all) but I’m not like that. When I want to say something I just say it, text it or whatever is needed to get the point across. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell a man how you feel. Why would you keep silent and wait for him to call/text?

  2. If you want a solid relationship that will last a lifetime then you need to talk about everything. If he likes soccer and cars and hot chicks that’s what you need to talk about. And he needs to know your interests and you two need to talk about them. I’ve been blessed with a super cool man that is always open to discuss pretty much anything with me. Stupid, silly stuff or serious things; he’s going to be there listening to me and sharing his thoughts.

  3. Brooklyn Thompson Reply

    If you want something from the store you don’t just sit at home waiting for it to come to you, do you? You get dressed and go to the store and get it. So why are you doing things differently when it comes to your partner? People are so weird sometimes. When it comes to our emotions and expressing them we sometimes feel trapped, unable to share our feelings with the people we love. Why is that? Why wouldn’t we just talk it out and try to find solutions? Opening up is the best way to grow a relationship.

  4. The couple that works out together stays together. Working out together will strengthen the bound you already have. I’m doing this with my wife and I’m seeing how wonderful it can be. I highly recommend anyone do this. Also, when I read that text on the image “after I finish laughing” it was like seeing my wife laughing of me last time I fell down :)). She couldn’t stop laughing so I had to get up on my own but I know she would be there if I really needed the help.

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