With all the different ideas that exist to make things more interesting in the bedroom, it is important to take the time to look into some of them. The following tips and ideas will help you spice things up with your partner in a way you never even thought possible. The more time you take to explore these ideas, the easier it will be to have lots of fun in the bedroom. Tons of couples are trying out new things sexually, and you should think about being one of them because of what it can do for your relationship. Wondering what men want in bed? It’s diverse, and the following ideas will help you with that.

1. Put on some sexy clothes

While it’s true that a lot of people choose to get into bed naked or in their underwear to have sex, you may want to think about making things a bit more interesting. Take the time to think about what your partner would like to see you in and then make it a reality. Chances are your partner will get turned on just seeing you in a sexy new outfit. There are plenty of options to explore, so choose one that will blow your partner’s mind.

2. Don’t be afraid to introduce Toys

Toys can make everything attractive in the bedroom, so you don’t want to shy away from them. A new vibrator or dildo can do wonders for your sex life, so you will need to make sure that you take a look at what some of your options are. You can go online or take a trip down to your local sex shop to see what they have to offer. It’ll be easy to give her multiple orgasms when you are using the suitable toy.

3. Dirty Talk

Sometimes, the best way to make things steamier in the bedroom is to talk dirty to each other, so don’t be afraid to try it out. This will allow you to get creative, which is ultimately a very good. Although it may be a bit awkward at the start, you will most likely find that it will be beneficial in the end when it comes to improving your relationship overall.

4. Role Play

There is nothing wrong with exploring an alternate persona; role-playing can get things hot and heavy quickly. Whether it is a police officer, firefighter or just a stranger, taking on someone else’s role can be extremely hot for you and your partner. Some couples are hesitant to try role-playing at first, but they are usually glad they did because of how fun it is.

5. Take things to a Primal Level

Let yourself go when you are having sex once in a while. Allow yourself to make those animalistic noises that you probably sometimes try to hold back out of fear of awkwardness. There’s nothing wrong with sex being a primal thing between two people, even those who are in a committed and loving relationship. This can make the sex between you and your partner so much hotter overall.

6. Explore different Fetishes

If you ask your partner if they have any particular fetishes they would like to try out, chances are they will tell you yes. Almost everyone has a fetish of some kind, and you must open yourself up to exploring it with your partner. Acting out fetishes together can get your sex life popping in a big way. Lots of couples who have been together for a long time decide to try getting kinky, and they are usually delighted they did.

7. Make it Rough

Rough sex can be the hottest sex you have ever had. While there is certainly nothing wrong with having slow and passionate sex, you might want to change things up every once in a while by getting wild. Not everyone is a big fan of rough sex, but you will never know until you try. If things have started getting a little stale in the bedroom, you will want to try this out.

8. Switch up the Positions you use

Doing it in a missionary style every single time can get very dull quickly, so you will want to switch things up a little. The positions that you use during sex play a significant role in how much enjoyment each person gets out of it, so you will need to keep that in mind. Try doing it in a doggy style occasionally to spice things up. There are lots of different sex positions, so you will want to take the time to explore some of them.

9. Have sex Drunk

It may seem like a terrible idea at first, but drunk sex can be pretty hot. Getting drunk will significantly lower your inhibitions, allowing you to do things you wouldn’t normally do (which can be a good thing for a change.) If you want to get wild and crazy in the bedroom without holding yourself back, you will want to try this at least once. Just make sure that you aren’t too drunk because then it could get sloppy and awkward.

10. Switch up where you do it

No rule says you can only have sex in the bedroom. Switching up where you have sex can make a big difference when it comes to just how much you both enjoy it, so you will need to keep that in mind. Try doing it in the bathroom, kitchen or even the garage (if it’s not too drafty.) Some couples even do it in their car occasionally to make things interesting. If you think you might enjoy this, go for it. You may find that you have the time of your life together doing it somewhere new.


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  1. Anna
    Love this article. It’s even more fun when you combine the things you list. If your readers haven’t tried roleplay they really should. it definitely puts some spice back into sex. And the funnest part is that you get to try all kinds of new things. And I agree about the drunk sex – no one likes a slobbering drunk, in bed or out!

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