Times are changing, and in this generation, ladies are more proactive and take deliberate steps to initiate a relationship. Gone are the days when all a woman would do to get a man’s attention is to be pretty and wait. In the past, it was unusual to find a confident woman. Presently, those perceptions are thawing out. For those who are wondering, it is perfectly okay- even admirable- for a lady to be bold and take active steps to get a boyfriend. Getting a partner requires charm, creativity, action and good amounts of confidence. Below, find 10 proven tips on how to get your prince charming.

1. Understand that it is perfectly okay to be single

Often-times, you may sulk and plunge yourself into self-pity when you see your peers dating and being asked out while it has been a long time since somebody handed you a flower. This is dangerous as it may prompt you to lower your standards for an ideal man. It may also dent your self-esteem. You need to understand that it is perfectly okay to be single. Do not beg for attention. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Being single is not a disease. Being single is not disability. Being single, sometimes, is a choice. You can continue being single if the right man has not come along. Do not allow yourself to be bullied by the opinions of people who think you are single because you are un-dateable. Before you can land Mr. Right, you need to be contented with your status even as you look out for him.

2. Define what you are looking for in a man

If you do not define what you are looking for in a man, you risk falling for any man. How would you know that you finally found him if you did not have an idea of whom you were looking for? Outline the requisite attributes that your ideal man should possess. Nonetheless, be realistic. Don’t allow Hollywood to fool you- Like fish that only lives in water, there are men who only exist in movies. Therefore, do not rigidly expect to find a perfect man; allow for few flaws. But that does not mean you lower your standards.

3. Poise yourself for the ideal man

If you are seeking someone amazing, be amazing yourself. Your personalities will click when he emerges.

4. Sever ties with an ‘uncomfortable past’

If you have been into something in the past that you are not proud of, or that will turn off a prospect, you should ‘forget’ it, thus, denying it the power to haunt you. Remember, though, to carry with you into the future the lessons learnt. Stop talking about your ex-boyfriend. If you can, erase the memories of him- that is if you want to. It is advisable that before getting into another relationship unless it is a rebound, you completely sever the ties you may have with your former boyfriend. Only then will the new relationship prosper.

5. Exude Positive Enthusiasm

By exuding positive energy and enthusiasm, you will definitely become a people magnet. They will want to listen to you. They will want to be near you. And some, which may include a Mr. Right somewhere, may want to hug you. If you exude positivity, the universe will reward you with positivity. People will be drawn to you as moths are drawn to a glow-lobe.

So many people mistakenly believe that getting a boyfriend will bring happiness to their lives. If you are among them, you are wrong. Happiness is a choice. If you can’t be happy now, you can’t be happy then. In fact, all men list a lady’s happiness as one of her attractive qualities.

6. Confidence

If you are going to take active steps towards landing a man, then, you certainly need a lot of confidence. Also, men nowadays view confidence as the new sexy.

What you choose to wear can help you generate the confidence you need. If wearing some skimpy dress is uncomfortable and will make you squirm, then, do not wear it. Nothing puts off men like a lady who is trying so much to get attention by showing too much. However, if you are okay with a very short skirt and you are sure it is not going to dent your confidence, go ahead and wear it.

7. Get Out

Take a stroll in a busy part of town when you are free. Attend friends’ parties or throw one yourself. Join clubs or take part in a sport. Or just take part in an activity where you will meet a lot of people. This way, you will have many people notice you and some may ask you out on a date. Nobody will find you if you are stuck up in your office.

8. Body Language

There are tell-tale signs you will need to convey if you hope to catch that Mr. Right’s attention. If your gazes meet from across the room, just look directly at his eyes for one more second- take care not to stare without blinking, you will come off as a mad stalker. Looking directly at his eyes in a friendly way will be a cue that he needs to jump over and say ‘hello’.

9. Don’t Talk Too Much

Many girls mistakenly think that they need to keep talking to dispel a dead air or a low conversation point. When you are sitting across a new prospect, just remember that there can be comfortable silences and most guys are okay with it. Talking about anything and everything is not only off-putting, but it may also reveal a little too much about you. You need a little air of mystery, at least at the start.

10. Ask Him Out

As earlier stated, nowadays there is nothing odd or queer when a girl approaches a man she likes and asks him out. Ask him to join for coffee the next day or whenever it will be convenient, or invite him for a hike in a nearby park. Just think of something that will give both of you an opportunity to know each other and bond. This is also the time you can ask for his phone number.


There are so many things you can do to land a boyfriend. You are only limited by your creativity and level of determination. The ones outlined above are just basic- the most part will depend on your manners, good sense and personality.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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  1. Definitely just the kind of post I have been looking for! This is awesome advice and hopefully will work out for me. I agree with the confidence one, especially. Even in guys; confidence is a big trait I look for.

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