With all due respect, we, the women, accept the fact that a ‘perfect guy’ is a myth however, we all fantasize to choose our soul mate who is close to the descriptions we have in mind. To find that one Mr. Right from the horde of all types of men may prove grueling. What if you get hooked with a guy and later realize that you made a blunder of choosing a creepy guy you can’t shake off? So, how do we tell apart the creepy lot from the acceptable ones?

Well, there can’t be a substantial definition of both for a simple reason that, as individuals, we have different choices and hence, a good quality of a guy in the perspective of one lady may appear creepy to another lady. Nevertheless, we can settle with some universal repulsive traits, agreeable to all, to avoid the guys possessing any of them. So, here are 10 creepy guy types you should absolutely avoid:

1. Over Protective

One of the qualities a guy must possess to get an entry into the good books of ladies is ‘being protective’, which translates into ‘he cares about you’. But what if he tries to protect you all the time in way that he doesn’t let you talk to any other guy or doesn’t leave you alone even when you want to do your personal shopping or keeps a close watch on you? Such behavior is called ‘being over protective’ which is annoying and frustrating. Leave and avoid over protective creepy guys as soon as you feel the buzz.

2. Staring at Boobs and Butt

You are being introduced to a charming looking gentleman but after a short introduction his eyes follows your bosom and lingers there longer than a normal glance. You find him staring at your boobs every time you look at him. Well, that is an apparent sign that you must avoid him no matter how charming he appears. Such guys may create an awkward situation for you where you are neither able to ignore his stares nor do you feel comfortable confronting him.

3. Dirty Talks

If a guy talks mostly with pun intended and spins dirty talks around every normal talk then instantly put him in the list of those incorrigible persons, you need to avoid. Some guys just can’t talk straight, they are compelled by the need to do dirty talks to derive pleasure. It could be a habit or a psychological problem but you definitely wouldn’t want to be the target of dirty talks from where he seeks pleasure.

4. Swanker

I am sure, you all must have come across that one wealthy boastful guy in your life who always has the urge to showcase his possession. He has been living with a filthy notion that he can get any woman he wants by displaying and bragging about his richness. Every moment you spend with him is a constant reminder of how many expensive cars he owns, how many big brands of watches and perfumes he owns, etc. Save yourself! Leave him. You do not want to be with a ‘brand and price tag’.

5. Stalker

You go on a brief date with a guy for an hour or so and promise him to meet again. You keep your promise and meet him the next day. You are startled by the amount of information he has gathered about you just in a day. He knows where you live, your siblings’ names and age, who all you met after your last meeting with him, etc. Clearly, he had been stalking you. It’s whammy, you no longer feel safe in his company. Run away, avoid him, else his creepiness will engulf your peace of mind.

6. Too Old or Too Young

Shield yourself from proverbs like “Age doesn’t matter when you are in love” or “Age doesn’t matter when you are young at heart” for they are good to hear but baseless in the realm of reality. How would you feel if a man of your father’s age hit on you? Creepy, right? Avoid such men as with increasing age their desperation keeps growing to get attention from young girls.

On the other hand, younger guys are unquestionably No-No as they haven’t yet attained maturity to understand relationship. All they want is to get hooked with pretty girls or get laid.

7. Horny

This type of guys is easy to catch for they can’t resist the urge to touch a woman. A horny guy will place his hands on your back or on your thigh within few minutes of talks with you. He will keep touching you or get closer to you for no reason. He may ignore your discomfort or even worse; may not realize you getting weary of his touches. No, don’t expect him to pay heed to your words of warning as it’s in his nature to feel the skin. Run away as fast as you can, never to look back.

8. Male Chauvinist

From time immemorial, male origin have been thriving on a belief that they are superior for they are the bread winner. Even today you may encounter many guys living with this age-old deeply rooted perception. You wouldn’t want to be with a guy who leaves no opportunity to show or proclaim his superiority over female origin. A chauvinist doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of ‘equality’. An inscription on stone is hard to erase; making him understand is like using internet without anti-virus, eventually he will drain you off your happiness and peace. Avoid him.

9. Obsessive

He hits on you because he likes you but after a while he gets obsessed about you. He sends you thousands of messages every day and dials your number at every opportunity he gets. He gets upset if you don’t answer his call. He keeps calling until you pick up the call. When you go for a movie, he waits outside the ladies’ toilet for you. At malls, he doesn’t leave your hand even for a second. He doesn’t sleep until you reply to his good night message and doesn’t leave you until you wish him good morning. Do you need any more signs to realize that he is not in love but obsessed? Take a leap and get away from him.

10. Staring Continuously

Every time your eyes meet with his, you notice him staring at you shamelessly and every time you look at him he gives an eerie smile. You immediately turn your eyes to other things but he doesn’t. He doesn’t utter a word but keeps staring hard at your face. He likes checking you out. Urgh! You suppress an urge of throwing something at his eyes to make him blink. You find it impossible to ignore his irritating hawk like eyes. All you can do is shift your place where he can’t see you to avoid him completely.

To wrap it all up, be wise and drop the guy instantly who shows even slightest gist of above mentioned creepy qualities. You deserve the best and with a little vigilance you will find your right guy and together, you both will complement each other.

I hope this article acts as ‘a bolt form the blue’ if you have already fallen for a creepy guy unknowingly.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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