3D Sex Games are beginning to take on an entire world of their own. Long before, you used only to be able to get porn games that implied people were having sex or were filled with big titties girls who jiggled around a lot. But nowadays, there is no stopping the amount of adult content that you can get in a 3d sex game. You name it, and an animator can animate it. The pornographic gaming niche in the video game industry is growing every year.

Every month, small cheap games where you can take girls’ clothes off come out in droves, but full-on porn parodies are beginning to develop a significant fan base, especially among those fans that played the original game! If you have a favorite video game, chances are some indie developers somewhere has made a xxx game about it. But the 3d Sex games we have on this list are not cheaply made at all. Some of these adult games mimic the multimillion-dollar design teams that they’re trying to parody, which is excellent because a gamer’s worst nightmare is terrible graphics and lousy ping rate.

So here are our absolute best picks for the 3d sex games in 2021. Let’s start the decade having some good old adult fun!

Sex Emulator (Visit Website)

Sex EmulatorIf you want to customize your own sex doll and use her as you please without any crazy gameplay or mission objectives, then you need the sex emulator. The first thing you start with is creating your sexy female character with giant breasts. You can choose what she looks like, her ethnicity, and how big her assets are. And then you start the game.


  • The porn is 3D so that you can have a multidimensional experience.
  • The ways you can customize your porn girl is endless.
  • The amount of content you can experience in this free game is terrific.
  • This game can support multiple languages.
  • You can choose all kinds of ways to express your sexual play.


  • There are many ads on this 3d sex game, and it can take away from the game plan experience
  • Sometimes the animation, especially the 3D animation, looks a little too cartoony and not as realistic as the rest of the game.

NarcosXXX (Visit Website)

NarcosxxxNarcosxxx is an interactive 3d sex game centered around the top-rated American television show Narcos. The game is centered around running a drug cartel empire, just like the show. But now there’s a lot more sex in it. Depending on who you are, you can start at different points of the game. The gameplay is known to be reliable and easy to navigate as well as game mechanics.


  • You can play as a man or a woman.
  • The gameplay is impressive and very intriguing and keeps you on your toes.
  • There are mini-games inside the main game.
  • The graphics are outstanding.
  • Some of the plots are as deep as the TV show.


  • If you play this game while using Chrome, the game is more likely to crash.
  • This game has not been known to be safe and secure with your personal information.

3D SexVilla 2 (Visit Website)

3D SexVilla 2This 3d adult game is for those people who don’t want to live in the two-dimension anymore when they play video games or see animated titties. You can choose from a wide variety of different girls to have sex with, or used to work out your fetishes. Now there are a few different environments to do the nasty in, and you can also customize your sex girl.


  • Hundreds of different sex toys and animations to play with so you’ll never have a dull time.
  • The security of the game is quite good, and it never gives viruses to its users.
  • The gameplay is not complicated in and takes minutes to master.
  • When you leave the game, it’s easy to get back to your last point.
  • It also recently came out with new models to play with.


  • The animation is very cartoony, so don’t expect any real Unreal Engine realistic skin or sweat.
  • The game is free, but that means you have to watch ads.

Angry Bangers (Visit Website)

Angry bangersIf you want a 3d sex games that reminds you of GTA, except with a lot more turf War, violence, and sex with prostitutes, then you’re going to love Angry Bangers. And this is a mobile game, so you can play it wherever you are. You can also build up your prostitution ring and have sex with girls whenever you like. You can also upgrade the NPC’s you recruit.


  • For a mobile 3d adult game, it has a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 5.
  • It is a turn-based game, so you’re not overwhelmed while playing it.
  • You can build your criminal empire and recruit NPCs.
  • There are tons of different ways to have sex and fight people.
  • It has many mini-missions you can do to build up resources.


  • The game is free, so you’ll have to watch ads.
  • The animation is good but not great.

Apexxx Legends (Visit Website)

Apexxx LegendsIf you’re not into role-playing games and you like fighting real players, then you’re going to want to play Apexxx Legends. Based on the game Apex Legends, of course, this is a battle royale type of game where you can form teams and dominate over other players. During or after the match, you can feel free to have sex with any of the real players.


  • For a porn parody, this animation in this 3d sex game is outstanding. It’s almost as good as the real game.
  • The sex animations are realistic and well done.
  • During the battle, the gameplay is like the real game, and you can easily fight players in many ways.
  • You can make friends and join teams.
  • The sex you can have in the game is varied, so there’s always something for you to try out.


  • If you want to have sex with real players, then you have to reach VIP status.
  • The 3d adult game will force you to watch ads.
Bangerlands 3 (Visit Website)

BangerlandsIf you are a fan of the Borderlands series, but you think it needed a lot more sex and violence, then you’re going to enjoy Bangerlands 3. Explore the ugly toxic world and have as much rough sex as you want while you do it. You can even create your haram of sluts to call upon at any time.


  • It has excellent graphics and feels like you’re playing a console game.
  • There are tons of ways to have sex in the game, and you can invite multiple people as well.
  • There’s plenty of mini-quests for you to do when you need a break from all the sex.
  • There are many options for clothes, so you can customize your character as much as you like.
  • The game and the scenes are very smooth.


  • Users report that this game takes forever to start.
  • The sounds effects and noises are corny sometimes.
Chathouse 3D (Visit Website)

Chathouse 3DThis game is quickly becoming one of a kind. It is an interactive 3d sex game that was also built to be a social media platform. In this game, sex is only with real online players, and you can indeed do whatever you want here.


  • You can play this game at a low price of $20 a month. And it also means you don’t have to watch ads.
  • The levels of customization for your avatar is extraordinary.
  • You can gain many types of sexual activities, and you can even invite four players to have sex with you as well.
  • With the integration of the social network, you can put up your sauciest sexual activities for everyone to see in the game.
  • This game even supports interactive sex toys that you can wear inside yourself while you play.


  • The interface and navigation are not very intuitive.
  • There are a lot more men than there are women.
Free Adult Games (Visit Website)

Free Adult Games All around the internet, you’ll find thousands upon thousands of free sex games in varying degrees of quality. Brand new indie gamers made games like these and also actual game studios. They range from nudie puzzles and taking off the clothes of pictures to interactive online games with real players behind the characters.


  • There is absolutely something for everyone I just have to search.
  • The vast majority of games are free, or you have to watch ads.
  • Many websites allow you to save your progress for later through cookies.
  • The 3d sex games are often straightforward to play.
  • You can even locate some of your favorite video game characters to play with.


  • Some websites are sketchy and can give you a virus.
  • You have to dig deep to find a good quality game.
Fucknite (Visit Website)

FuckniteIf you’re a big fan of Fortnite, but you also want to strip players naked and have aggressive sex with them, then you’re going to like Fucknite. And the best part about this videogame is that whether you have sex or play the royale games, you won’t have to play with 9-year-olds anymore and listen to their high shrieking voices! This game comes with a multitude of weapons to battle with as well.


  • You can have sex with both NPCs and players.
  • The battles and sex are quick, so you can quickly jump on and off this game.
  • This is an adult-only game.
  • You have many options to customize the clothes and hairstyles of your character.
  • The gameplay is smooth, and it doesn’t eat up all of your CPU.


  • If you want to have sex with real players, you have to be a VIP.
  • You have to watch ads during the game, and they can be very distracting.
Hentai Heroes (Visit Website)

Hentai HeroesThis is an RPG Adventure game where the protagonist must build his ultimate Harem of hot women who want to have sex with him. Your Harem should consist of over 50 women by the time the game is done. You can also earn money in the game and strengthen your body for battles and fights.


  • The gameplay is effortless.
  • You will meet all kinds of different anime characters from your favorite animes.
  • You have over 50 hot women to have sex with.
  • With a little hard work, you can be wealthy in the game.
  • It’s a browser game, so you don’t have to download anything.


  • It will try to make you buy in-game currency.
  • There is no animation. It mostly slides like an RPG.
Star Whores: Rise of Skyfucker (Visit Website)

If, for some reason, you thought that the latest Star Wars movie needed to have a lot more sex in it, then you need to try out this 3d sex game. The animated characters look similar to their movie counterparts. You’ll also find that there other Star Whores games named after the other movies.


  • You can have sex with your favorite movie character.
  • You can do Star Wars missions between all the sex.
  • The animation quality is excellent for a porn game.
  • The voice acting is really good.
  • Message animations are quite realistic.


  • You have to pay for the game, but it does have a free trial.
  • The game is known to give away the personal information of its users.
Are These 3d Sex Games Free or Paid?

Like many of us online, we try our best to find ways to not pay for content and still consume it. One of the hallmarks of using the internet to consume content is having to watch ads to get a free item and avoid paying a fee. This is how most smartphone games work, as well. The player never has to fork over their money; all they must do is watch a 30 to 60-second ad, and they can keep on playing.

Watching an ad to play one of these 3D sex games is quite common, but it is not the only way to play. If you want to, you can pay a subscription fee to many of the games in this article to get an ad-free gaming experience. Plus, you will unlock other benefits like new outfits, more characters, and new positions.

If you do not want to give your credit card to one of these gaming companies (which we totally understand and we encouraged you not to), you can always purchase a Visa or MasterCard gift card and upload money onto it from your credit card. Then you can add the gift card’s details to the gaming, as if it were a real credit card, and play your game worry-free.

Are Porn Games Addictive?

Like all things accused of being addictive, it depends on what you use these games for. If you enjoy them occasionally because they are fun, entertaining, and it is exciting to play a naughty video game, you will not get addicted to them. But they can entertain you for hours so make sure you don’t exhaust yourself when you relax on a Saturday night with your hands down your pants!

But if you are playing these games because you are trying to fill a void in your life and don’t want to go out, that may cause some addiction issues. But it could become a full-blown life-stopping addiction if you are the type of person who does not want to go out and find someone to date because you think everyone else there is shallow, and romance is dead.

While you are playing one of these video games, if you realize that you cannot go for a few hours without craving interacting with the game again and you would rather blow off your friends and family to see a bunch of pixels shaped like sexy women perform at your order, then you may have a problem on your hands.

Like regular video games, porn games are not addictive if you lead a healthy life, and you set boundaries for yourself on how long you can play. But if you don’t want to sleep with your spouse or partner and would rather get on your laptop and stay in the other room for the night, don’t be surprised if you cannot find your laptop the next time you come back from work.

What’s So Special About 3D Sex Simulators?

3D sex simulators are so special because they combine the two major pastimes of men all over the world into one single package: video games and porn. In fact, if 3D sex simulators found a way to include sports, we may never hear from any man ever again from the second they open their first game.

A 3D sex simulator allows the player to control the storyline, positions, actions, sounds, and the number of characters in the game’s porn plotline. And you can record the entire thing to watch over and over again, and you don’t feel like playing. The player gets to be the director, the actor, and the designer all at once. You can do whatever you want for however long you want, and the only thing that will stop you is dehydration.

It is no wonder why many people get so addicted to these games even if their life is going well. And if you have your own VR headset that makes all of the characters life-size, there’s no comparison to any other video game. This what makes 3D sex simulators so special. So, if you have the chance to invest in a 3D sex game, take the opportunity, and you can party all the way to the bank.


Wow, what a detailed list of 3d sex games to choose from. Who needs to leave the house and violate quarantine when you have to try out all of these erotic games? When you play with real people in a sex game, the politeness rules still apply. Never get mad if someone declines sex with you and join a group or guild to make friends. Maybe you can even join a group that likes to act out your favorite kink or fetish.

If you find someone who likes the type of sex that you like, make sure to add them to your friend’s list. And never stalk anyone or harass them, because that kind of treatment can get you banned by the moderators. It doesn’t matter if the sexual encounter is online or in the real world, always treat people the way you would prefer to be treated. And make sure to get up out of your chair once every hour to keep the blood flowing! Happy gaming!


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