Whether it is your boyfriend, husband, best friend, or even crush, any man would love a lovely gift. It doesn’t matter if you have been with him for a month or over ten years. The main thing is to find a perfect gift for your guy. It is good to know his taste, so as to deliver a suitable gift for him. Valentine’s is a romantic day for those who love each other. On this romantic day, you need to be sure to choose a suitable gift that is both romantic and manly enough. Keeping that in mind, here is a glimpse of some fantastic Valentine’s gift ideas for him.

Valentines Gifts Ideas For Him

1. Champagne/Beer Pack

Champagne/Beer Pack gift ideaIf you know his favorite whiskey brand, get him one, and ensure that it is big enough to serve him for long. For the constantly busy men, they tend to prefer a glass of Scotch as they unwind from the busy day. However, you can also go for a pack of beer, especially if he is a sports guy. The beer pack can serve him well as he watches his favorite sport. Beer tends to be extra manly than wine, but if you prefer taking it with him, then you would go for the whiskey.

2. A Classy Watch

Classy Watch gift idea for himAny man would appreciate a stunning watch on his wrist. Since many people look at the time on their smartphones, you might want to go for an extra elegant watch. If you truly adore him, then a luxury watch is what you need to buy. Ideally, choose a watch that has leather straps and an attractive face. The leather-strap watch is versatile, and he can wear it with his official or casual attire. If you can, get him a water-resistant and dust-proof piece to let him wear it anywhere.

3. Beard Trimmer Pack

Beard Trimmer Pack Gift Idea For HimWhether he loves to shave it all or trim it, your man will definitely need a beard shaver. When choosing the shaver, ensure that you go through its features and functions. Choose one that can be used even when he is traveling. The battery life should be reliable enough for him to use it with ease. Always consider the brand, so as to find a durable shaver, which will also have different features.

4. A Cactus Plant

Cactus Plant gift idea for himRemember, this is a day of treating your loved one romantically. To be manly enough, you can go for a cactus rather than a bunch of roses. You can find various types that you can choose from. Stay away from the giant plant. Instead, choose a small cactus in a vase, and the vase that you choose should also have a manly color. With the cactus plant, it can live for quite a very long time. Also, it will not require your man to water the plant time and again.

Other than the cactus plant, you can look for a lovely succulent. Succulents are pretty masculine, and you will be sure to touch his heart with this gift. Find a good store to be sure to choose the right plant for your guy.

5. Leather Multi-Wrap Bracelet

Leather Multi-Wrap Bracelet gift idea for himThis bracelet is not just affordable, but it is a manly gift as well. It replaced the silver or gold bracelets, which can be extra costly. The leather wrap bracelet is also versatile enough since it can be worn with any outfit. Also, he can wear it together with his favorite watch without messing up the look. You can choose an ion-plated piece to ensure that it lasts for long enough.

6. Cologne

Cologne gift idea for himWhen you are going through the best cologne to get your guy, ensure that you choose one with a woodsy smell. The smell should be incredible enough to make him comfortable when he wears it. Go for something other than the floral and sweet scent colognes. Be sure to choose a cologne that is big enough for him to use for a long. If he has a favorite cologne, which he might have, you will need to find one with a scent that is appealing enough to him. You can ask the dealer to help you find a fantastic cologne for him.

7. Mangerie

Mangerie gift ideas for menThese are the male version for lingerie. They include boxers, briefs, and other nice sweats. If you already spend some romantic nights together, you will need to get him some of these. The mangerie is also a great idea for your crush. They are directly romantic, and whenever he puts them on, he will think of you. So how romantic can it be when you spend a night together, and he is in the boxers you bought him? Super romantic. Here, you will need to choose dull colors like gray, navy blue, or black to make them extra manly.

8. Briefcase Barbecue

Briefcase Barbecue gift idea for himDoes your man love barbecue? Can he prepare it? If he can, then this is one of the cool Valentine’s gifts for him. Whether he loved ribs or cheeseburgers, you can be sure to please him with this piece. When opened, the briefcase reveals a complete charcoal grill and it is wide enough to accommodate two cooks. It can also be a great idea when you are out on a picnic.

9. Collar Stays

Collar Stays gift idea for himIf your man is mainly suited up and in an office, you should get him some collar stays. Ideally, choose stainless steel pieces and have them engraved with your initials and a romantic message. If it is your husband, you can have the anniversary date engraved on the collar stays.

10. A Personalized Tee

A Personalized Tee gift idea for himEven if he is ever busy in the office, he will need to wear a Tee on the weekends. Get him a fitted Tee with a romantically funny message on it. He will feel good whenever he puts the Tee on. Always remember to find a suitable color.


As you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s gifts for him, always ensure that you find one that is both romantic and manly. Stay away from the extra essential items, as you might be disappointed in the final run. Also, pick something that he uses frequently. Also, ensure that you make it extra unique if he already has it. For instance, he already has several Tees, but make that special tee unique by giving it a personalized print.

Got some better idea? Could you share it in the comments section? Have a nice Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to check Valentine Gift Ideas For Her.


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  1. He doesn’t drink so the beer/champagne pack is out of the question. He already owns a beard trimmer, hates cactuses and has a few leather bracelets. Cologne is not the right gift for him but while reading this I realized I could get him a new, classy watch. He’s been wanting to get one for a long time but never got around to doing it. This is my chance: I’m going to surprise the heck out of him when he’ll see it!

  2. Should I feel ashamed because I had no clue that the male version for lingerie is mangerie? Because I’m not :). I’m happy I found out today and will probably get him some mangerie; sounds so funny when I say it. I like to get him a bunch of things, not just one item so I’m going to add a beard trimmer, some cologne and a cactus, definitely a cactus. He’s not a big fan of them but if it’s coming from me, he’ll take good care of it.

  3. Very thorough and detailed post!…i really appreciate your effort and time u put in to articulate this. i loved the idea of mangerie the most.

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