09 May 2012

What do you think of my marathon proposal idea – Please Help!?

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Hi Grace,

I’m hoping you can help me with some advice. I’ve been dating the love of my life now for just over 4 years. We’ve experienced some really tough times with family deaths and living apart because of work commitments but we’ve always stayed strong and love each other all the more for what we’ve experienced together.

I’ve had an idea as to how I’d like to propose and I’d love it if you could give me some feedback. I love running in my spare time and was thinking of going for a marathon and asking her to meet me at the finish line. When I finish my plan is to get down on one knee and ask her to marry her there and then. What do you think? I’ve heard marathons are such great atmosphere’s and emotional events that it will just help make it special.

Kind regards


Dear Cory,

It sounds as if you have a wonderful relationship, strong and tested enough to move into a commitment for a lifetime.

I am very impressed that you understand the importance of experiencing and overcoming challenges in your partnership. Many couples fail to recognize that sailing through the fun, easy times doesn’t guarantee a couple can survive hardships such as loss. It is during those trying times when cracks in the foundation of your love can start to appear. Seems you both have a firm, solid relationship.

That said, in such a committed love, it is natural to want to share your happiness with the world when proposing in marriage. Your marathon proposal idea, where she meets you at the finish line and you get down on bended knee, is extremely thoughtful and romantic.

My only word of caution is that all women are not “one size fits all” when it comes to what they would like when their boyfriend proposes. I understand that your passion for running combined with your devotion to your girlfriend create a Utopian proposal scenario in your mind. But one item that is lacking in your question is how would SHE feel about such a public proposal?

If your lover is extroverted and enthusiastic about public displays of affection, then it sounds like you will win first place with your idea. However, if she is more introverted and prefers your relationship remain more private, such a public event could make her uncomfortable. In this scenario, both of you would lose. She would be disappointed in such a memorable event being awkward and uncomfortable, and you would be disappointed in her reaction after putting so much thought into the proposal.

So my advice is to be certain that your true love would respond favorably when proposed to in front of a large audience of strangers. When you know that answer, everything else will fall into place.

Best of Luck,


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