27 Jun 2012

What Are The Most Common Sex Injuries? #Infographic

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Sex is not always just all about fun and pleasure (although it should be!). For it can sometimes bring about injuries whether in foreplay or intercourse and especially if you do it in a dangerous location.

This infographic shows the most common sex-related injuries that could happen to a couple, the inadvisable places to perform sex and the most common items that are likely to break during the activity.

Sex Injuries
Via: Medical Insurance


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  1. Reply Rosemary says:

    It’s hard to type a comment when you are laughing this hard!

    I understand why having sex on the stairs is dangerous, but I’m very very fond of the bedroom, and thus quite concerned to see that it’s the 5th most dangerous place. I’d like to know what the top 10 safest places are.

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