06 Nov 2012

Top 5 Places To Propose In Paris

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If you’re thinking about proposing and would like the occasion to be extra special for your girl then Paris ticks all the right boxes for a romantic adventure. It’s a city which has not been spoiled over the years by over development and still boasts all of its original charming features. With stunning and distinctive architecture, glittering night lights and tiny streets there is beauty around every corner. As well as famous landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe and The Eifel Tower, there are some world famous restaurants and hotels that you may like to visit during your romantic stay. There are so many wonderful places to propose in Paris, and here are my top picks.

Top 5 Places To Propose In Paris

1. Basilique de Sacre-Coeur, Montmartre

You don’t need to be religious to appreciate this breath taking building. It’s perched in Montmartre and boasts the very best view because it’s located on the highest point of the city. At night you can clearly see the whole of the city centre and gasp as you spot the Eifel Tower all lit up like a Christmas tree. During the hours of darkness, the Sacre-Coeur takes on a surreal glow and you will notice the lights and shadows playing tricks on your eyes. If you are favoring daytime to pop the question then there is a fabulous lawn which is the perfect environment for a picnic proposal or you could visit the Tulleries Gardens and enjoy the beautiful array of plants and flowers.

You can keep things French by sipping the finest chilled local wine whilst nibbling on some warm baguettes with cheese or pate. You still have the amazing views during the day, but you are basked in sunshine rather than being beneath the stars. After she has accepted your proposal you could take a romantic stroll around Montmartre and take in the local artists who sketch portraits, or sit outside in one of the cute street cafes for a drink. In the winter there is also an ice-rink nearby and in the summer, a manmade beach so you have plenty of options spending time with your lover.

For more information on how to get to Basilique de Sacre-Coeur, Montmartre please visit www.sacre-coeur-montmartre.com.

And just to give you a little extra flavour of the romance involved in a Paris based marriage proposal check out this beautiful video of just such a surprise proposal taking place. Tres bon!

2. A Cruise on the River Seine

These cruises run throughout the day but the evening trips offer the best opportunity for romance because of the city night lights. If you prefer something a little simpler and more intimate then you can buy tickets for the smaller boat cruise. Alternatively, if you want to spoil your lover on a slightly grander scale then you could take her on a Bateau Mouche dinner cruise where you can enjoy a mouth watering meal whilst taking in the stunning views. Having done this myself I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Keep the ring in your pocket and wait until you find the perfect place along the way to ask her the important question. Think of the cruise as a river journey on your own personal romantic lifeboat. Look out for newly married couples along the route who are having their wedding photographs taken outside famous landmarks. Indeed Paris really is the city of love.

For booking information please visit either www.seine-cruises.com or www.bateaux-mouches.fr/en.

3. Pont Des Arts

This enchanting bridge provides the perfect setting for a romantic interlude. The bridge is made from wood and leads to the Louvre, and has amazing views of Paris. From the bridge you can easily see the Eifel Tower and lle de la cite. On a bright day, with the sunshine setting on the River Seine, she will be putty in your hands so you are guaranteed a yes. Once you have made your proposal you can then leave a ‘love lock’ where you attach a padlock to the side of the bridge which is engraved with both of your names. You then throw the key into the Seine to signify that your love will last forever. Check out this proposal video by way of example.

If you enjoy a tipple then you could go on a wine tasting tour after the proposal to toast the happy event.

For the latest information on the location and travel options please visit www.pontdesarts-wine.com and uk.eurostar.com.

4. Canal St Martin

Although Canal St Martin is not one of the more popular tourist attractions, this quaint tree-lined waterway is steeped in charm so makes a lovely place for a proposal. It still has the original locks and iron footbridges which help to create a romantic tone. Nearby is the Quais de Valmy where you can stroll over to the Parc de la Vilette and jump on board a canal cruise. On a cooler day it’s nice to snuggle up together and hold hands on the cruise to keep warm and stay close to one another. The cruise lasts around 2 hours and eventually leads into the River Seine so if you have not already popped the question you could do so on the boat. The cruise passes some momentous landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral so there will be plenty of opportune moments to get down on one knee and pop the question.

Check www.parisvoice.com for more details.

5. Jardin Du Palais Royal

The Palais Royal is steeped in intrigue and mystery due to the way that it’s set out. The gardens are well hidden from the street and you may need a map to find which doorway leads directly to the Palace. Occasionally there are musicians and opera singers situated under the nearby arcades which can add to the romantic ambience. At the center of Jardin Du Palais Royal is a stunning fountain which creates a wonderful trickling sound that further adds to the feeling of serenity that the place possesses. The arcades themselves house some cute shops, cafes and restaurants which provide a perfect setting for a romantic walk to soak up the Parisian atmosphere.

Check out www.paris-walking-tours.com and www.aviewoncities.com for news and maps.

Places To Propose In Paris Conclusion

By choosing Paris as the place to stage your proposal you are certainly setting out to create a memorable day which your girlfriend will adore. Paris is steeped in romance and history, and is so beautiful that you will both enjoy how it somehow makes you feel romantic, alive and excited. Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe once said that Parisians are glad to die for love, but Paris is also proof that people are glad to live for it as well.

If you want some more ideas on places to propose in Paris, then these Romantic Date Ideas In Paris will hopefully give you a bit more choice! If you also want to consider asking the all important question in a restaurant, then check out my post on the Top 5 Romantic Restaurants In Paris. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.



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