21 Jun 2012

Top Tips For A Ring Inside A Hollow Book Marriage Proposal

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Whether your partner loves any and all books, you both share a passion for one story in particular or you are just looking for a unique proposal, a ring inside a hollow book marriage proposal is the perfect idea for you.
Ring Inside A Hollow Book Marriage Proposal
Presenting an engagement ring inside of a hollowed out book leaves you unlimited potential as to where to propose. It is extremely portable and ready for presentation whether at a restaurant, on vacation or in a boat on the lake.

The perfect spot for your proposal is up to you and your lover’s preferences, but there are some tips to help you propose with a hollow book that will help you take care of the rest, to be sure it is right for you:

Ring Inside A Hollow Book Marriage Proposal 101

1. Finding the right book

A word of caution before proceeding further – there are some “don’ts” you must keep in mind. Never use your partner’s own book to carry out this proposal because the damage is permanent. Also, if your mate is a big fan of books, seeing one “destroyed” may be unsettling.

Be careful! Use an Exacto knife to cut out a square or rectangle in the center of the book. It only needs to be deep enough to hold the ring (don’t cut all the way through), but wide enough to make an impact (a little square would look a bit silly and would be hard to cut).

Use a thick, hardcover book. A paperback is often too thin and also much less sturdy than a hardcover with its tight binding. Watch this video for a perfect example of this.

2. Wrap It Up

Because the ring will be inside, the best way to ensure the ring stays safe and doesn’t get lost or fall out is to present the book as a wrapped gift (unless you have a safe place to rest the book). You can wrap the book elegantly or match the wrapping paper to the theme of the book. To get really creative you can even get kraft paper and paint your own wrapping paper!

Don’t disfigure a rare classic! There are few people who wouldn’t be troubled by seeing an old classic cut out, which couldn’t be replaced. If you are giving a book your partner has wanted, buy 2 copies and give the one that is unaltered later, after the celebration.

If you don’t know of a special book to give, but love the idea, then go to a local thrift store and find a durable hardcover book. Once at home, you can decorate it and make a book cover that you decorate on your own, such as “The Story Of Us” or “Mr. & Mrs. White.” Or take inspiration from the guy in this video who put a lot of thought into this kind of proposal.

3. Keep It Hidden

Keep your investment protected until the proposal takes place, both before the event and during. You might want to keep the ring in a safety deposit box until the last minute, then wrap the book the day of the proposal. Also, wrapped gifts are tempting to thieves, so keep it close at hand until the ring is safely on her finger.

As with any proposal, ask friends and family to assist with photos and video. If you will be alone, be sure to bring your camera and video recorder with you!

One final creative thought that can make a hollow book proposal even more special is, when feasible, have the author autograph it and/or even write the proposal in the book.

Who is a Ring Inside A Hollow Book Marriage Proposal ideal
The Pros and Cons of a Ring Inside A Hollow Book Marriage Proposal

What Next?

With your hollow book marriage proposal plans now in hand it’s time to turn your attention to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner. As such please visit our engagement ring buying tips section where you will find a wealth of knowledge on the subject to ensure you find the perfect ring at the right price in the least time necessary. It covers everything you’ll need to know about diamond cuts and carats to ensure you don’t get ripped off.


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