12 May 2012

To The Woman Who Has Been Nothing But An Angel

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Here’s in the latest love letter submitted by a reader. Beautiful emotions well said.

My Love,

Let me tell you how wonderful the years we have shared together are and that if I could live my life over again I would love to live it the same way. Every marriage has its shares of ups and downs but I am more than happy because of how much smiles we have shared compared to hard times. Even when times get hard, we never fail to show to each other how much love we have for each other. This is one of the reasons why we ended up marrying together. Because of how strong our relationship is, through all the challenges we have faced, I believed we can look any challenge in the eye and be confident that we get through everything that life throws our way.

Our love has endured through all the times where we thought we had no way out. Life certainly has made us learn a lot of things together but with your help, every problem we had has been solved. There was no problem that we were not able to handle and I love you for that because you never did give up on me.

Life for us was not been a bed of roses but we made sure we had something worth sleeping on. We might not have had the best things in life back at the start and some people might even have better things than us today but we have always had the best kind of love. We have a big family that loves us dearly and I do not know how I could have had all these things if you were not by my side. For all the things that you have done for me and all the things that you caused to change for the better inside of me I thank you.

We have shared a huge part of our lives together and nothing gets me more excited by the prospect of the years to come to know that I have you and we have the chance to make more wonderful memories. I am living a life that every man dreams but there are only a few who are able to experience this blissful existence and I am lucky to be a part of that select few. You have been my rock, my life, my guide, my inspiration and my love and without you I wonder how I would have turned out. I don’t even want to imagine how things would have been if I did not ended up with you because the only thing that I am sure of is that I could never be this happy with anyone else.

I loved you even before I told you how I really felt about you and there are more emotions that I feel now in addition to that love. I adore you, I praise you, I admire you, I care about you and I am willing to do everything to keep things this way so that I can hold you every night and kiss you every morning when I wake up because there is nothing more that I want in this life.

All my love and soul always
[Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent]


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