18 May 2012

They’re Playing Our Song – A Romantic Tale Of Music

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In this new regular section I’m going to feature the romantic tales of readers who have been united by a song. The following real life story comes from Paul of Kalispell, Montana.

Sometimes things happen in life that at first don’t make sense. Then, as life goes on, you see that what seemed like a coincidence was really a part of a plan. I’m not really religious, and I don’t believe in a lot of spooky stuff, but my wife and I had an experience that cemented our relationship, put some romance into our marriage, and even today keeps the romance firing on all cylinders. And it all started with a song.

I was working in Los Angeles at the time – about 10 years ago – and my fiance was in Kalispell, Montana. That’s way up in the northwestern corner of the beautiful western side of the state, and it’s a small city nestled in the Flathead Valley. Magnificent scenery, 360 degree mountain views, great weather most of the time – and on top of that, it was where we met.
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We were both on a skiing vacation at the resort on Big Mountain, just north of Kalispell. We met on one of the intermediate ski runs where it looked like she was having a problem with one of her skis. I offered to lend a hand, and we made that connection that lucky people sometimes do – we both felt it. We made a date for a drink later on that evening, and the rest, as they say, is history. We started a long-distance romance that didn’t stay that way for long. We both were able to relocate to Kalispell because our jobs gave us some freedom to move around, and we moved and got married in a very short time.

One of the many things we had in common was a love of 70s music, even though we were both a little young to have lived through that time. With the help of satellite radio and our CD collections, we enjoyed some great classic rock together. What became one of our favorite songs was by Jimmy Buffet, Come Monday. Because the song lyrics mentioned traveling alone, Montana, and it had that achy, yearning, romantic sound, we both loved it. It kind of became our song.

Then something happened with my job – the recession forced the company to cut back, and I had to make a choice. Did I want to keep working for them and enjoy the lifestyle we had in Montana, or risk losing what we had to find a new job in the Flathead? They were offering me a position in Los Angeles, and I could fly back to Montana on weekends. We talked it over, and decided to take the LA job. It was a bad decision.

I had never been separated from Linda for such a long time, and it started to wear on us. I couldn’t afford to come back every weekend, so our time together got even more limited. Here I was, in smoggy LA in a hotel room, and I felt like I was living our song. After a month or so, we made the tough decision to give up the job, and get back together under Montana skies.

The first night I was back for good, we went out to our favorite roadhouse for some fun. The band was pretty good at classic rock, and without me saying a word, they played the Buffet song. We danced and felt closer than ever, like our romance was beginning again. I just couldn’t believe that they played our song, that we had lived it, and that we had come out the other side stronger and happier, if a bit poorer. Come Monday is still our song, and always will be!

If you are your partner have been united by a song and want to share your story please visit the About page and complete the contact form. I look forward to sharing your stories.


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