20 Dec 2012

The Top 5 Places To Propose In Bath

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During the 18th century, the city of Bath was a magnet for high society and romantics alike. In 2012 it still attracts hundreds of thousands of people looking to spend quality time with their loved ones. If you’re considering popping the question then why not whisk your partner away to Bath? It’s one of the most charming cities in England thanks in part to its beautiful countryside, architecture and laidback atmosphere.
Places To Propose In Bath

Places To Propose In Bath 101

1. Bath Boating Station

This charming Victorian boat station offers visitors the chance to hire Thames Skiffs, canoes, kayaks, punts and rowing boats. If you feel daring you could take advantage of a lesson on learning how to punt. There is a beautiful stretch of river going out to the old toll bridge at Bathampton, where you can roll upstream and then rest on your oars on the journey back to the boat station, letting the River Avon do all of the hard work for you. While you’re in your rowing boat whispering sweet nothings to your beloved, remember to look out for otters, ducks and kingfishers along the way.

2. Prior Park Landscape Gardens

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscape gardens in Bath. It features a Palladian bridge which is positioned on a scenic, tranquil lake and provides sweeping views of the city. The actual bridge is one of four Palladian style bridges left in the world which makes this setting even more special. On a moonlit evening, the bridge offers a fantastic romantic space to get down on one knee and ask the girl you love to become your wife.

Within a five minute walk you will stumble upon Bath Skyline which consists of a six mile route and encompasses meadows, woodlands, Roman settlements, ancient fairy tale follies, an Iron Age hill fort and breathtaking views of the sprawling Bath countryside. OK so some of that sounds a little boring but honestly the views are what counts!

After all garden setting is the perfect location for any proposal – see for yourself in this video.

3. Berkely Castle

This ancient building is a hidden gem in the Cotswolds which is steeped in almost a thousand years of history. It contains famous works of art by the Dutch and English masters, and there are some very interesting rooms to explore such as the servants kitchens, the Great Hall and the Morning Room. At different times throughout the year the castle plays host to various orchestral concerts and plays which the visitors can enjoy at no extra cost. The castle is surrounded by exquisite Elizabethan terraced gardens featuring a romantic lily pond, a bowling green, a butterfly house, lush sweeping lawns and a quaint tea room. You may decide to pop the question inside the castle to create a more historical feel but the surrounding gardens will provide you with the perfect setting for a more intimate proposal.

Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess, so why not treat her to a castle proposal? This video is a perfect example.

4. Bath Abbey Tower

Bath Abbey is the last of the medieval types of church in England and it’s easy to find because it’s located in the city centre. You will need energy to climb over two hundred steps right up to the tower but the effort is worthwhile as the views from up there are breathtaking. It’s even possible to arrange a private tour for your proposal so that there’s a bottle of champagne waiting for you at the very top of the tower. After your exertion, you can collapse down onto one knee and present your beloved with a sparkling engagement ring then exit the abbey and celebrate at one of the fine restaurants nearby.

5. Thermae Bath Spa

At Thermae Bath Spa you can both bathe and relax in the naturally warm mineral rich waters and then choose from a huge range of indulgent spa treatments. Each session lasts between two to four hours and you can relax in the mineral waters for as long as you wish. The actual Thermae bath spa is located on a heated roof top so at night you can relax in the water underneath the stars. You could keep the engagement ring on your person or wrap it inside your towel or robe. Ask the staff to provide chilled champagne for when you make the proposal so that you can toast this romantic occasion as you unwind and relax.

Places To Propose In Bath Conclusion

Bath was the home of the famous writer Jane Austen so if you want to be extra romantic you could try and recreate a scene from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and try wooing your love with a romantic love letter in the style of Mr. Darcy. This would add an element of fun to the proceedings and will give your beloved a token to keep forever close to her heart. A nice touch for sure and yet one I’m sure some of you guys are going to be a little loathe to try. So just make sure you get the right ring and pick one of the above locations and you should still be onto a winner.
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