27 Sep 2012

The Spoon – Couples Sleeping Positions 101

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The Spoon Sleeping Position

The Spoon – a sleeping position that all couples know and most love. For me it’s a grand affair, for my hubby it’s also great assuming I’ve moved my hair out of his mouth. But how about you? Do you feel comfortable in that close craddling position? Is it a good sign your relationship is close? Or is it something you rarely bother with nowadays? Please leave your comments below.

I know for one guy on Twitter yesterday he described it as the position from hell… one dead arm, a face full of hair and an unsatiated stiffy! It did make me laugh out loud.

Please tune in at the same time next week for the next in the series of Couples Sleeping Positions 101.

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2 Responses to “The Spoon – Couples Sleeping Positions 101”

  1. Reply Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT says:

    I smiled at this. My husband gets over-heated and is not a “spooner.” I had to make adjustments of my own in not personalizing this early on. So I “squirrel” all the blankets in a ball around me and he sleeps on top of the covers. The most important thing is we know we love each other and demonstrate that in other ways.

    • Reply admin says:

      Ha ha classic! OK that’s it Lisa, I’m going to draw up the “squirrel” and dedicate to you and your hubby! Give me a week or so. ;-)

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