18 May 2012

Romance Review – The Best Romance News Of The Week

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As another week rolls into history it’s time to look back on the stories that made the blog this week starting with a frugal night of music.

1. There are many things you can do to entertain yourself, but not many things are as cheap and rewarding as music. There are plenty of places to acquire an instrument for a few dollars, and you can spend time learning it with your partner. Free concerts are also an option for being frugal while still being able to enjoy the simple things in life and be romantic.

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Why You Should Consider A Frugal Night Of Music This Weekend

2. With all of the recent advances in technology, it is now easy and simple for people to get personalized messages put in fortune cookies. This gives everybody the opportunity to come up with unique and exciting ideas for dates. These fortune cookie dates are something that everyone should try and that everyone can be sure to enjoy.

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Why The Fortune Cookie Date Has To Be On Your To Do List

3. What would you do if your boyfriend proposed to you without a ring? Some people find that money would be better spent on their future rather than a fancy ring. Others however, find that a ring symbolizes love and commitment towards their future. Many couples will benefit from finding a happy medium between looks and price. What’s your take?

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Should you accept a marriage proposal with no ring?

4. Restaurant workers are at a romatic advantage when taking their sweethearts to their workplace for a special date (well so I argue tongue in cheek here). It’s a plan you can map out and, assuming your sweetheart will agree to be blindfolded, could well work.

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A Blindfolded Romantic Dinner Date for 2


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