18 Jun 2012

Romance Is Everyday When In An RV Full Time

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I love it when readers are willing to share their relationship stories. This week I was lucky enough to receive this post sent in by the lovely Jim and Robin of www.cheap-rv-living.com.


As most couples who have been together awhile know, romance isn’t something that can be bought in a store. Being romantic means staying connected to your lover each day even with hectic schedules, making time to be alone as a couple, communicating effectively while respecting each other and other such things that keep the relationship fresh and healthy. But when you live full time in an rv, like we do, that definition of romance happens everyday!

It wasn’t always like this for us. Before we decided to simplify, sell everything and hop into an rv full time, we encountered the same challenges as other couples. Romantic getaways were costly and hard to coordinate with limited vacation time. One of us worked ten hour shifts with a one hour commute each way, paving the way for complete exhaustion and burnout every evening. You could say we were pretty much the equivalent of zombies on weekdays, and tried to force ourselves to go do something as a couple on the weekends…even though we were, frankly, quite spent.

RV life, in a nutshell, completely reversed the scenario we experienced in our past conventional life. Now we are together 24 hours a day, in a small space. We both work on our online business as a team, we visit friends and relatives as a couple, we travel together – basically, finding time to connect is NOT a problem for us any longer.

You will find, when living in a motorhome like we do, that finding time to yourself can be the challenge! For us, we have always been best friends (going on 15 years) so this truly works for us. That is the key, in our opinion, to rving couples surviving life on the road. It is absolutely essential to enjoy each other’s company, because you are going to get a lot of it.

The romantic part of the rving life is that the relationship is built with a much stronger glue. There are very few obligations and stressors to interfere with quality time as a couple. Things that create tension in a normal home, like cleaning, laundry, lawn upkeep, errands, financial obligations and work responsibilities are nearly non-existant in the rv. This means that stress levels in both of us are greatly reduced, making for a healthier relationship overall.

But we also get the privilege of feeling like we are on vacation quite often, seeing new sites, having free time to snuggle and watch a movie at will. We may take a break and read a book, play a game or sit outside in the cool of the evening and reminisce (and solve world problems, we like to think!). We communicate and interact in these close quarters much more than we did before. Old habits in the past would find us scurrying off to our own favorite rooms in the house, tired, with little interaction, tending to things that needed to be done in the home. All of that has definitely changed.

After having been a couple in both settings, we think the clue to romance in relationships lies in two words: reduce stress. Though you cannot escape life events that can happen when in an rv, such as losing a loved one or getting an illness, you will no longer juggle a large load of bills, you will have more free time because there is less cleaning, dishes, laundry and the like. Plus there aren’t the large stresses of working outside of the home (we remember how hard it was to not take the job home with us each night). With this freedom from obligation overload, your mental state improves right along with your relationship – there is much more time to focus on the thing that matters most of all, your love for one another.

If you enjoy a romantic and loving relationship and would like to share your story on Romance Never Dies then please feel free to email me at gracepamer (AT) gmail.com.


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