05 Apr 2012

Put The Spark Back In Your Marriage In 3 Easy Steps

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For today’s roundup I’d like to share the article “3 Ways to Put the Spark Back in Your Marriage” in which the author proposes 3 ways to help couples when they move past the “madly in love” stage to the more comfortable day-to-day marriage. These include Get out of Your Comfort Zone, Focus on the Small Things, and Deal With Conflict. First, get out of your comfort zone by trying something new, or going to a new place to give you a new perspective together. Next, try adding small acts of kindness daily to each other such as getting each other a cup of coffee, or offer a hug. Finally, work as a team to resolve conflicts before they snowball into a big problem. These steps are a way for couples to enliven their marriage and make good sense to me.

Oh and don’t forget to write love letters to each other people! Check the article in full here:
3 Ways To Put The Spark Back In Your Marriage [EXPERT]


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