19 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Name that Song! – Ela ela eh eh

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The famous singer of this song caused a controversy when marks and bruises were visible on her skin and when she confirmed to the public that she was being abused by her also famous boyfriend. When it rains, it pours and you can only bring with you your courage or a handy ela, ela, ella. [...]

18 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Remind You of Someone? Being jealous and possessive

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Being jealous and possessive is only natural for some girls especially if a guy does not make them feel secure and make them feel that they are the only lady in their lives. A guys wandering eye in public is a sure fire way to get some girls hot under the collar and cause the [...]

15 Apr 2013

How am I supposed to get my boyfriend to propose?

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Hi Grace, I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 9 years now – we met at university and have been together ever since – and I think I’ve probably known that I’ve wanted to marry him for the most part of our relationship but have kept it to myself and now need your advice as [...]

12 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Name that Song! – The bean that saves me

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This chart topping song released in October of 1995 is about, according to the writer, an imaginary friend that would come and save him in his hour of need and which was sung by an English rock band who’s name might be inspired by an isolated area of vegetation in the desert. If you have [...]

11 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Remind You of Someone? – having make up sex

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Ladies and gents be sensitive to the needs of your partner. This is important if you want to keep the intimacy of your relationship at the right balance. Having make up sex once in a while might can be good for the both of you just so long as you’re not having make up sex [...]

11 Apr 2013

A Modern Love Letter Example For The Digital Age

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In these times of easy to use video cameras, cell phones, computers and connectivity via the Internet, the old-fashioned hand written love letter has a lot of competition. But it still is the basis and model for all kinds of possible new ways to get your message across. After all, a love letter is in [...]

08 Apr 2013

Kids Acting Out Common Relationship Problems

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Kids say the funniest things, or so every doting mother will tell you. Well its certainly true of this video as kids fall over themselves (not literally) to act out the trueisms (word may have been made up) of common relationship problems. Watch, enjoy, share with your friends and most of all remember, no teddy [...]

08 Apr 2013

Am I Too Old To Be In A Casual Relationship After Divorce?

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Hi Grace, About 2 years ago I went through a divorce and since then I’ve only been in casual relationships with various guys. I have absolutely no intention of getting into anything serious any time soon so I’ve decided to enjoy myself after 15 years of marriage, but at 38 I’m wondering if I’m just [...]

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