17 Jun 2013

My Husband Loves Me So Much It Makes Me Feel Guilty

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Hi Grace, I’ve been together with my husband for 11 years now and we’ve had a great life together. We have two kids, good jobs, good friends and even get to holiday fairly regularly. Sounds like an ideal life right? Well it is but I’m starting to feel guilty because my husband loves me so [...]

13 Jun 2013

How To Make A Love Letter Look Beautiful

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The classic love letter contains the most heartfelt, sincere sentiments a person could ever put into words. In such a message the lover pours out his or her feelings, describes why the love is so strong, and pledges a lasting and total love. The most important aspect of the letter is the communication of these [...]

10 Jun 2013

I Had A One Night Stand With My Girlfriend’s Best Friend

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Hi Grace, I’ve been seeing my girlfriend for a few months now and we’ve finally gotten to the stage where we’re introducing each other to our friends, which is where the problem lies. As soon as I met her best friend I recognized her as a girl I had a one night stand with last [...]

06 Jun 2013

How To Repair A Relationship With A Love Letter

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So you have suffered through a breakup, and your heart is broken. You love the person but you’re not sure how things will ever be the same, even though that’s what you want to happen. You think that it might be possible to get back together, but you’re not sure how to go about repairing [...]

03 Jun 2013

Is My Husband’s Gambling Damaging Our Relationship?

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Hi Grace, I’ve known for a while that my husband is very into his gambling, but lately it’s been causing so many problems in our marriage that wouldn’t exist if he would just give it up. Over the past few months we’ve been arguing due to the money he’s losing and the awful moods he [...]

27 May 2013

How Am I Supposed To Trust Again?

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Hi Grace, Me and my boyfriend broke up a few months ago after being together for a couple of years. We lived together and had every intention of staying together, getting married, having babies – the lot! We broke up because something clearly wasn’t right and I felt that there was something else, or someone [...]

20 May 2013

Can I Be With Someone My Friends And Family Disapprove Of?

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Hi Grace, I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year now and I genuinely feel like I’ve met the one for me. I’ve been through a fair amount of relationships in my time and have never felt this way before (cheesy but true!). He’s pretty much perfect, except for the fact that my friends [...]

17 May 2013

A Love Letter To My Love

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The following love letter was sent in by one of my readers and I’d like to share it with you as it’s beautifully written. It’s titled a love letter to my love and goes something like this… My dearest and most precious of Gods creation, You hold my heart like the heavens hold the stars. [...]

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