05 Aug 2013

My Partner’s Unemployed, Should I Leave Him?

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Hi Grace, We’ve been dating for almost 4 years now and my boyfriend has been unemployed for three years. We were so happy during our relationship but lately I am beginning to become fed up with this unemployment. He is educated and has a bachelor’s degree and has been on countless job interviews. He already [...]

22 Jul 2013

How am I supposed to tell my long time partner that he’s really not the one for me?

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Hi Grace, We’ve been together for almost 8 years now and I think I’m reaching my limits in saving our already rocky relationship. I am totally disappointed with my long time boyfriend because he’s making a circus out of our relationship. He always turns to his mother every time we face simple problems which demonstrates [...]

15 Jul 2013

I Need Help About Long Distance Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Hi Grace, I am so lucky to have found your blog which specializes in love letters and marriage proposals. My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years in a long distance relationship. We keep our relationship alive through open communication as we both think that this is the most important. Sometimes we [...]

08 Jul 2013

Marriage proposal ideas at a restaurant needed! Please help Grace

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Hi Grace, So glad I found your blog as I’m really in need of some marriage proposal ideas at a restaurant we both love and think will be perfect. It’s got a great view of the Thames in London and the city as a backdrop and it’s also where we spent our first “we’re clearly [...]

04 Jul 2013

How To Make A Love Letter Unique

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Love letters, even if just handwritten on paper, are incredibly powerful and romantic gestures – but many wonder how to make a love letter unique and even more memorable for their lovers. If you are one of those seeking to add a little uniqueness to your heartfelt words, look no further! The following ideas are [...]

01 Jul 2013

I Need Some Marriage Proposal Ideas Involving Kids

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Hi Grace, Love the blog and the advice you offer about marriage proposals so I thought I would seek your advice on our situation. We really need some marriage proposal ideas involving kids as I’d love to get our little ones involved in the proposal with my partner. The kids are our lives and after [...]

24 Jun 2013

I Need Some Good Marriage Proposal Ideas at Home

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Hi Grace, I really need some help coming up with marriage proposal ideas at home as all the ones I’ve been coming up with are a little plain and I really want something special. I love the idea of having fairy lights and a little kind of grotto involved and maybe some pictures from our [...]

21 Jun 2013

The Bean People in Mondegreens – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics

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Here’s a famous mondegreen which is a mishearing of the Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics which is a popular song of the 70′s band, Queen. Meet the weekend with this fun graphics and share with your loved ones and friends by using the code below. Use this code to embed this image on your site:

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