27 Dec 2012

Hester and Scott’s 5000 Mile Marriage Proposal

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Once again I’m delighted to feature a lovely proposal story. Hester and Scott very kindly decided to share the details of their 5000 mile marriage proposal and special day in Alaska, enjoy! ‪Please introduce yourselves‬ ‪Hester & Scott Turkington‬ So just how did you plan the 5000 mile marriage proposal and what was the inspiration [...]

21 Dec 2012

New Years Resolutions For Relationships – Why Romance Needs To Be Key

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Christmas is that loving and warm-hearth kind of time in every couple’s life that culminates in a New Year’s Eve of romantic bliss that is exactly what you were looking forward to, right? Ok, maybe not. Let’s be honest, for many couples, the romance fizzled out well before the second Christmas you spent together and [...]

21 Dec 2012

The Secrets Of Love And Marriage Revealed

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With marriage rates facing a record decline and more people happy to co-habit than ever before it’s nice to come across a tale of true marriage happiness. It turns out Britain’s longest married couple, Karam and Katari Chand who have been together for 87 years, have all the secrets of love and marriage and offer [...]

21 Dec 2012

The Bean People In Name That Movie

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Another Friday and a chance for another installment of our Bean People romance characters In Name That Movie! Do you remember the movie this scene is from? Can you hum the tune which accompanies this scene? Comment below with your answers and share to your friends and loved ones and let them guess. Include this [...]

20 Dec 2012

Sarah and Bryan’s Picture Memories Marriage Proposal

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I’m so excited to share this amazing marriage proposal with my readers today, it really is one of the sweetest stories I’ve come across and I’m thrilled that Bryan and Sarah decided to be featured! Please introduce yourselves Bryan Michael Roegner and Sarah Kathleen Haselden Please share your version of the amazing story with us, [...]

20 Dec 2012

Unique Flower Ideas – Romance Not Romance

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For a romantic date idea why not treat your lover to a romantic night out. Let her walk on a rose laden path and show her how much she means to you by leading her by the hand on the beach to table for two at the waters edge. For that my friends is romance…less [...]

20 Dec 2012

The Love Beat – Romance Roundup Of The Week

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Here’s a roundup of the best romance-related content on RND featured over the past week. My favourite post has to be Sarah and Bryan’s Marriage Memories Marriage Proposal – it’s such a sweet story! Be sure to check back next week for more of The Love Beat! A Painting Marriage Proposal I help a fellow [...]

19 Dec 2012

Marriage Proposal Video of the Week

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Check out this week’s marriage proposal video of the week. Of all the creative marriage proposals out there, this one really caught my eye! Stephen’s scavenger hunt marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Nicole, is definitely original! The hunt starts with a video which Nicole’s friend shows her as a starting guide to the quest, then [...]

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