31 Jan 2013

The Bean People in Remind You of Someone? – End of a Relationship

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Another Thursday, another Bean People graphic featuring common relationship issues among certain couples out there. Today we feature the huge differences between how a girl and a guy cope after the end of a relationship. Does this ring true for you? Been there and done this or have a close friend who has endured this [...]

30 Jan 2013

Marriage Proposal Video of the Week

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With all the recent amazing marriage proposal videos that we’ve posted over the past week it’s difficult to choose which one really stands out. But here is our choice for marriage proposal video of the week! If you want to really grab your partner’s attention and propose, you may want to take inspiration from this [...]

30 Jan 2013

Top 5 Places To Propose In Oxford

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Oxford is known as the City of Dreaming Spires and is renowned for its rich architecture and history. Most people know Oxford because of the university but it actually has a lot more things to see and do than you might otherwise imagine. Many people will recognize the cobbled streets and winding alleys from the [...]

29 Jan 2013

The Top 5 Places To Propose In New Orleans

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New Orleans is one of the world’s most interesting cities because it’s steeped in a history of various influences which originate from Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond. Indeed, it’s a melting pot of food, music and culture that includes the brilliant Mardi Gras and French Quarter. So if you’re planning to pop the question [...]

28 Jan 2013

Is This An Age Thing?

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Hello Grace, I’ve been reading a few of your blogs, so I thought I would just make this simple and email you, in the hope that maybe you can help me. I am 44, and have been through some rough times in the relationships in my life. Almost 3 years ago I lost my best [...]

28 Jan 2013

The Love Beat – Romance Roundup of Past Weeks

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This week’s The Love Beat is a compilation of our favourite posts from recent weeks, and with a lot to choose from we’re pretty confident that there’s something for everyone, enjoy! Should I Forgive Him For Cheating? One of my readers, Hayley, writes in to ask for advice about her current situation. After her boyfriend [...]

28 Jan 2013

The Top 5 Places to Propose in Rome

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If you’re considering popping the question to the one you love you may be at the stage of wondering when and where you are going to do the deed. One of the most romantic places to get down on one knee is Rome, and thanks to movies like ‘Roman Holiday’ this city has got a [...]

25 Jan 2013

Brent and Sarah’s Magic Show Proposal

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I feel very honored every time a couple offer to share their marriage proposal story with me. It’s an incredibly personal moment in a couples lives and something to be celebrated. So I’m really pleased to introduce today the story of Brent and Sarah’s magic show proposal. They agreed to be interviewed so the following [...]

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