19 Mar 2012

MTV Reality Show About Meeting Your Online Long Distance Love In Person

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I would like to point you in the way of this blog post on the site thecollegecrush.com for today’s daily romance and relationship blog roundup  in which  the writer claims to have been contacted by the creators of a coming MTV series about meeting your love. The entrants have to be couples who have been in a long distance relationship but who have not yet met. There are several possible conflicts inherent in this situation, like have the participants been keeping any secrets from each other? Is marriage in the offing?

Keeping a long-distance relationship is definitely hard but how long can you keep yourself pushing to maintain this bond when you have never even met? Sounds like an interesting concept for a show. I just hope it doesn’t cause too many break ups which is no doubt what is in the offing thanks to those sneaky TV Producers.

Read the full article here:
MTV Reality Show Casting: Meet Your Online Love In Person


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